International Thespian Excellence Awards

1 - International Thespian Excellence Awards Program Guide 

08-23-2016 10:50

This library contains the following documents for the International Thespian Excellence Awards Program (Thespys™ for short):

  1. The complete Thespys™ Program Guide 2020-2021
  2. The Thespys™ Program Summary of Changes 2020-2021
  3. The Thespys™ Category Summary Guide 2020-2021
  4. An optional community standards and copyright form (if needed for your school, district, or state)
  5. USITT Sound Graphics Guidelines
The 2020-2021 rubrics can be found here: National Rubrics

Information on copyright term and the public domain can be found here: Copyright Term and the Public Domain. Please note that, for the Thespys™ Program, the only public domain material that is acceptable has to be published prior to 1924.

We would like to thank everyone who offered their input and expertise in the original creation of these documents: our writing team of Dr. Mary Schuttler, Leslie Van Leishout, and Cory Wilkerson; committee members Paul Hampton, Craig Inhen, Kit Rodgers, and Dr. Jay Seller; the Colorado Thespians; the chapter directors who participated in the town hall meetings; and the nearly 600 members who participated in the surveys.

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2 - Thespys Program Guide Summary of Changes 2020-2021   158 KB   1 version
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5 - USITT Sound Graphics Guidelines   522 KB   1 version
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