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Branding is a compelling way to communicate our mission and its importance at a glance, and is most effective when used consistently at all times and across all platforms. Think of iconic brands like Nike, McDonald's, Target, Mercedes-Benz, and Playbill; one glimpse of a certain shape or color combined with a specific font tells you exactly who is communicating and what their brand represents. Using our brand consistently will build recognition of our mission's value with key audiences, including elected officials and policymakers at the local, state, and national levels.

In this library please find EdTA's branding guide, titled "Association Identity Guidelines 2015." The guide details the rationale behind the icons and logos provided below. Chapters are required, per the Chapter Agreement, to follow these guidelines in using our registered marks. Be sure to consult pages 15-16, which outline the EdTA and ITS color palette, and pages 20-24, which provide guidelines particularly relevant to chapters.

For questions about branding materials please contact

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