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BIG FISH, the musical Sets, Costumes & Props to Offer 

01-08-2020 10:30

My name is Joshua Hurd and I am currently directing the musical BIG FISH for Gorham High School in Gorham, ME.  At Gorham High we have a very limited space to store props and set pieces once the show has ended.  
If you are at all interested in some of our pieces that we have created for the show, we would be happy to offer you tickets to a performance so that you have the chance to come see them for yourself. 

Performances are Jan 31, 2020 - Feb. 9, 2020 
We have pieces like:
The Cannon Edward is shot from in Act 1 
Jenny Hill's House that tilts just like in the movie 
The giant bed of daffodils like used in the Broadway production. 
Stilts for Karl the Giant 
Amos's clear walking cane like in the movie 
a 45 foot wide x 15' tall flood curtain used for the Ashton Flood Scene
and lots more. 
We are hoping to at least recoup the cost of these items, but I can assure you that will be less that $2,000.  Which is a steal for the time and labor we have put into them. 
If you are interested in these pieces please let me know and I would be happy to coordinate some tickets to the show for you. Please reach out to me directly vie email at 

**Please do not try to reach me via this forum as I share this account with another teacher**

Joshua Hurd
Director of the Musical
Gorham High School  
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Performing Jan. 31 - Feb. 9, 2020           
 follow us  @GorhamHSMusical

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