Send A Troupe to Jr. Festival

Send a Troupe to Junior Festival

The Send a Troupe to Junior Thespian Festival Grant was created with donations from many generous supporters of the Educational Theatre Association’s Send a Troupe to Festival Campaign. The goal was to raise enough money to send two Thespian troupes to the International Thespian Festival and one Junior Thespian troupe to the Junior Thespian Festival. There, the troupe would join students and teachers from across the country in a weekend of performances and training that sharpen the artistic skills of young artists, connect the educators to new resources, and inspire long-term artistic growth for all.

In 2016, one Junior Thespian troupe who had never previously attended the Junior Thespian Festival or International Thespian Festival and demonstrated financial barriers to attending, received a one-time grant to cover the basic Junior Thespian Festival registration costs for up to fifteen attendees, plus travel fees to and from Denison, Texas, and two nights’ accommodations in a local hotel during their event.

Grant applications may be submitted by a Thespian troupe director or an inducted Thespian, with the approval of the troupe director.

This grant’s judging committee may choose not to award this grant if, in their opinion, there are no deserving applicants.

Grant criteria

  • At the time of application, the Junior Thespian troupe must be current in their troupe dues and in good standing.
  • Troupes applying cannot have attended the Junior Thespian Festival or International Thespian Festival in the past.
  • Troupes applying must be able to demonstrate financial barriers to attending the Junior Thespian Festival.
  • All attending must be inducted Junior Thespians by the time of the event.