2012 recipients and donors


Last spring Thespian Troupe 7567 from Spring Valley High School, located outside Huntington in Wayne County, West Virginia, became the first recipient of the Send A Troupe to Festival grant. The grant covered all of the group's registration and travel costs. Troupe 7567 experienced the excitement of the Thespian Festival and the thrill of standing on the Festival stage.



Without the help of our generous supporters, Troupe 7567 would not have been able to make the trip to Lincoln. Our donors made the Festival and everything is has to offer available to Troupe 7567. Supporting EdTA means supporting Thespians everywhere.

Mike Albert Harper Lee
George Allen Joel Levin
Todd Anderson Ray Lewis (on behalf of Troupe 4188, Harlem High School)
Arizona Thespians Rolando Linares
Emily Augustin Donald Loftus
Kevin Beebee Martha Louden
Brian Benz Michal Ann Lunscsford
John Bonkoske Marcia Mack
Craig Branch Ben Martin
Molly Braverman Kristin McFadden
John and Karen Brewington Sheila McFadden
Justin Brill Trip McFadden
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Terry McGonigle
Max Brown Gloria McIntyre
Nancy Brown Kevin McMahon
Gail Burns Andrew Mills
Joe Burnsworth Mary Ellen Moriarty
Diane Carr Christy Ney
Antonette Cohen Joe Norton
Greg Cohen Ben Ochsner
Rhonda and Russell Cohen James Palmarini
Sandra and Sheldon Cohen Susan Parker
Matt Conover Tammy Partin
Cynthia Corley (on behalf of Troupe 7321) Michael Peitz
Don Corathers Maggie Perrino
Margaret Crosby Karen Pionke
Hector Cruz Frank Pruet
Jason Daunter Len Radin
Nancy DeFord Rondi Reed
Kirk Erickson Karen Rosenthal
Rachel Evans Doug Sandor
Ruth Fingerman Jay Seller
David Fink James Sherman
Jim Flanagan Robert Singleton
Robert Geuder Ian Streicher
Robin and Mitch Gitelman Linnell Sullivan
Sarah Goley Jim Talkington
Bonnie Green Kathleen and Larry Thrasher
Hart Pharmacy Howard Tiersky
Mimi Hart Garry Tiller
Jim and Nancy Huneke Neil Tobin
Christopher Hunt Amy Tolsky
Mark Jacoby Janet Van Wess
Robert Johnson Virginia Beach City Public Schools, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Gai Jones Tarina Uglinica-Wimmer
Kentucky Thespian Society Viking Middle School, Troupe 88093
Matthew Kovach Pam Ware
Patricia Kroeger Ken Washington
David LaFleche Mark Weinstein
Marla Lampert John Woffington
Jack Lane Judy Woffington
Michael Lanski Julie Woffington