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RE: Monologues

festival (thespies) it is two contrasting

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1 - International Thespian Excellence Awards Program Guide

Excellence Awards Program (Thespys™ for short...): The complete Thespys™ Program Guide...2019-2020 The Thespys™ Program Summary of...Changes 2019-2020 The Thespys™ Category

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Focus Search - 1 - Thespys Program Guide 2019-2020

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International Thespian Excellence Awards

Thespys! The International Thespian...Thespian Excellence Awards. All Thespy Award...Want to earn a Thespy? View the rubrics and...performances and presentations . Thespy

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NIEs Is Now the International Thespian Excellence Awards

Awards, or Thespys TM for short. All...Thespy Award Winners will be honored on the

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Tina Fey to Appear at the Virtual International Thespian Festival

Thespys TM ), performances, workshops

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RE: Inductions

Thespy Awards (if they qualify) Include ITS