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RE: Bay Street Theater presents a Zoom Theater Production of Moby Dick

Picture result for current of a streams in an arrangement of conductors as demonstrated the potential contrast va vb will be A current of 2 ampere streams in an arrangement of conductors as demonstrated in the following figure, the likely contrast (VA-VB) will be in volt) V JX22V 232 2322 VE 3V...

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How to Join a New National Effort to Support Arts Education

The National Coalition for Core Arts Standards has launched Arts ARE Education , a national campaign encouraging school districts to continue to fund and support K-12 arts education programs — including theatre — in the 2021-22 school year. Given expected state and district budget cuts, calls...

JAN 21: MEMBER MEET UP – Topic: Ideas for Engaging Online Learners

Seeing a blank screen? Join New York City Theatre teacher and playwright Erin Moughon-Smith as she shares tips and ideas for engaging students reluctant to turn those cameras on. Also joining us will be playwright and director Michael Bigelow Dixon who will share a unique performance opportunity...

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Flexible Theater Seating

We are building a new performing arts center and considering flexible seating for the blackbox. Has anyone used varying height audience chairs instead of risers? What are the pros and cons? Thanks for your help!

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RE: Fundraising - Duckies!

I'm a newbee...what are duckies? LOL -- Richard Krasowski Cypress Creek High School --

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International Thespian Society Cover Letter

Hello friends: I'm a first year high school Theatre teacher.....that's finally catching up. The school has had a small ITS troupe...and I would like to get it rolling again.....and induct some new members. Does anyone have a one page introductory letter that would be good for students and...

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RE: Playscripts - Zolidos

Oh my goodness! I wish I'd seen this earlier! We just started rehearsals for Clue: On Stage (safe at home version)- same thing. I do have what I need so far, but we also went with ShowShare and I had to reach out. I found many other directors having the same responsiveness issues with...

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Theatre Ed pro Click to teach lessons

Hey all, A quick question, with the click to teach lessons how are you assigning them? Copy and paste the materials? Giving a link to the lesson? I'm just wondering if I'm missing a part. Thanks. -- David Ellis Drama and Language Arts Teacher Auburn Mountainview High School, Auburn, WA. --