STO style guide

Abbreviation: Do not abbreviate unless running out of space on a line. Use no. for number.

About EdTA/ITS boilerplate: follow link for full explanation.


Harper Lee
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Cincinnati, OH 45219-2815

Get more detailed information on addressing correspondence from the USPS.

Capitalization: When creating forms only the first words of field descriptions are capitalized. Use one space between the field name and the field. Do not use a colon.

First name________ not First Name_________ .
ITS troupe number_________ not ITS Troupe Number________ .

Chapter(s): Capitalize. Refer to them using their state name followed by Thespians. For example: Ohio Thespians, Nebraska Thespians, Kentucky Thespians. Or the following is also acceptable: the Ohio State Chapter of the Educational Theatre Association.

Chapter director(s): Capitalize only when used with a person’s name, as a title: State Chapter Director Rosie Outlook.

Dramatics magazine and Teaching Theatre journal

Educational Theatre Association (EdTA) and International Thespian Society (ITS): On the first mention, use full name. Use acronym for subsequent mentions.

EdTA Board of Directors or EdTA Board. Not Governing Board. Also, EdTA President, not EdTA president. And, EdTA Vice president, not EdTA vice president.

EdTA professional member(s): Professional member is general category of membership of all individual adults including troupe directors. Use the terms individual adult members or EdTA individual members to differentiate those members from troupe director members. Do not capitalize membership types: EdTA professional member, not EdTA Professional member; EdTA affiliate member, not EdTA Affiliate member; EdTA pre-professional member, not EdTA Pre-professional member; and EdTA emeritus member, not EdTA Emeritus member.

EdTA event followed by year: Thespian Festival 2014, Junior Thespian Festival 2014, Leadership Summit 2014. Exception is Conference, 2014 EdTA National Conference.

EdTA National Office: Not EdTA Home Office.

Emphasis: Use bold type and italics only and sparingly.


Email correspondence: Official staff emails should be in 12 pt Times New Roman with appropriate signature lines.

Festival main stage

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Induct vs. initiate:Always use induct and its variants.

Inductee(s): Used in place of student members, ITS members, and ITS student members to refer specifically to students in the process of being inducted.

Junior Thespian(s):
Middle school members are Junior Thespians. Capitalize when referring to middle/junior high school members of ITS.

Junior Thespian Troupe(s): Use Junior Thespian Troupe(s) to refer to middle/junior high troupes specifically.

Leadership Toolbox: Not kit.

Log in: When used as a verb: log in (Log in to
Log-in: All other usages: log-in (log-in ID, what’s my log-in, the log-in procedures.)
Never login.

The National Individual Events (NIE or NIEs) program culminates in the National Individual Events Showcase (NIES).

Do not use ordinals. Spell out numbers one through ninety-nine. Then use numerals.

Phone numbers: 513.421.3900

PO Box = post office box

P.O. = purchase order. If possible, spell out purchase order in text and then use P.O. afterwards.

Professional Development Intensives (PDIs), master classes, and workshops.

PDI: One- or two-day in-depth course for educators taught by an expert in the field of theatre education. Participation in a PDI could allow attendees to advance a graduate degree or earn continuing education credit. PDIs are available at Conference and Festival.

Master class: A three-hour course for educators taught by an expert in the field. Master classes are available at Conference and Festival.

Workshop: A ninety minute class. EdTA offers workshops for educators as well as students. Workshops are available at Conference, Festival, and Junior Festival. No www or https. Capitalize when using it as a title: is a great resource. Lower case and underlined when part of a URL: Go to

Spacing after punctuation: Put only one space after a piece of punctuation—not two.

Student members, ITS members, or ITS student members: To refer to all members, Thespian and Junior Thespian, of ITS.

The: The word ‘the’ is not part of EdTA’s or ITS’ name. When using the before either name, do not capitalize it. The is also not part of the name of any organizational events. Again, when using the before the name of an event, do not capitalize it.

Incorrect: I am a member of The Educational Theatre Association. I love The International Thespian Society. Last summer, I went to The International Thespian Festival.

Correct: I am a member of the Educational Theatre Association. I love the International Thespian Society. Last summer, I went to the International Thespian Festival.

Theatre Education Community: Or simply the Community.

Thespian(s): High school members are Thespians. Capitalize when referring to ITS or members of ITS.

Thespian Troupe(s): Use Thespian Troupe(s) to refer to high school troupes specifically.

Troupe(s): Capitalize when part of a proper noun: Troupe 1234, Thespian Troupe 1234, Junior Thespian Troupe 88123. Do not use #: Troupe #12.

Troupe director(s): Capitalize only when used with a person’s name, as a title: Troupe Director Rosie Outlook.

URLs: All links on forms should be live—do not just underline them. External links must open in a new window. Do not write out web addresses. Embed them in a line of text.

Not this: Go to for more information on Festival.
This: Learn more about Festival.

Note: Some members cannot open embedded links. In these cases, please spell out the URL.