New board members, chapter directors begin their terms

August 7, 2013

August means the start of a new school year as well as leadership changes for the Educational Theatre Association at both the board and the chapter levels.

Gloria McIntyre has concluded her term as president of the EdTA board and vice president Jay Seller is now beginning his two-year term as president. Seller is the director of Thespian Troupe 5012 at Horizon High School in Thornton, Colorado and a former Colorado chapter director. He is co-author of the Colorado Theatre Standards and editor and writer of textbooks and other curriculum materials.

Frank Pruet takes office as vice president and also begins a two-year term. Pruet is from Roswell, Georgia and a former two-time state chapter director in Georgia with over twenty years of experience on the Georgia Thespians chapter board.

Board director Gai Jones has completed a three year term on the board. New board member, Lynn Jensen is beginning her own three-year-term. Jensen is a former chapter director for Iowa and currently a troupe director at Jefferson High School in Cedar Rapids.

Thirteen states have new chapter leadership. Paul Hampton will take over as state chapter director in Georgia; in Iowa, Helen Brennan; Kansas, David Hastings and Steve Landes; Nebraska, Angela Dashner; New Jersey, Carolyn Little; Ohio, Pat Santanello and Irene Imboden; Maine, Keith Anctil; Pennsylvania, Mark Zortman, and in Tennessee, Mark Saltalamachia.

In Maryland, Derek Anderson remains in his post and Dorothy Delucchi will come on as a co-director. Similarly, in New Hampshire, Jen LaFrance will stay in her position and Kit Rodgers will begin work as co-director. In Virginia, Nancy Curtis will serve as interim state chapter director. And in Washington, Ruben Van Kempen will continue as chapter director, but co-director Leslie Van Leishout has taken a position at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.