Members choose Corbin v.p.

July 26, 2014

Educational Theatre Association members elected Debbie Corbin their next vice president and chose Krista Carson Elhai, Scott Walker, and Ben Stuart to serve on the Board of Directors in an election that was concluded today at EdTA's National Conference.

Corbin, a twenty-six year veteran theatre teacher at Branson (Missouri) High School and former Missouri chapter director who is now serving as a board director, will take office in August 2015. She'll serve two years as vice president and then a two-year term as president.

Krista Carson Elhai, as the highest votegetter among a field of seven board director candidates, won a new seat that was added to the board in a 2011 code revision. That term begins almost immediately, on August 1, 2014. Elhai, who teaches theatre at Claremont (California) High School, is currently California chapter director.

Walker, who has taught theatre at Milwaukie (Oregon) High School for twenty-two years, and Stuart, a teaching artist and director of the theatre program at Aki Kurose Middle School Academy in Seattle, will both begin three-year terms on August 1, 2015.