Final public review of NCCAS arts standards underway

February 18, 2014

The National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS) has launched a final public review of the draft PreK-12 arts standards in dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts. The review opened on February 14 and will close February 28.

NCCAS is the partnership of national arts and education organizations, including the Educational Theatre Association, and media arts representatives that are developing the 2014 National Core Arts Standards. The new, voluntary grade-by-grade, web-based standards are intended to affirm the place of arts education in a balanced core curriculum, support the needs of 21st century students and teachers, and help ensure that all students are college and career ready.

This third and final review reflects NCCAS’s ongoing commitment to a responsive and transparent strategy that allows adequate time for the standards writing team for each discipline to incorporate changes to the drafts suggested by reviewers. NCCAS is preparing for a web-based release of the standards in June, 2014.

According to Lynn Tuttle, director of arts education for the Arizona Department of Education and an NCCAS leadership member, the review incorporates significant updates to the structure and focus of the standards, all based on comments received in two previous reviews by NCCAS leadership.

“The feedback we received suggested a need for us to clarify some aspects of the drafts, particularly on how the understanding by design format guides and undergirds the performance standards,” she said. “Plus, we wanted our reviewers to focus on the standards themselves, and to consider how things like process components and essential questions are articulated in the standards’ supplemental instructional materials.”

The review’s downloadable Excel spreadsheets include eleven overarching anchor standards that align with all disciplines’ performance standards across four artistic processes: creating, performing, responding, and connecting. While the spreadsheet does not include all the standards’ Understanding by Design (UbD) format elements (enduring understandings and essential questions), they are embedded in the model cornerstone assessment examples that are also part of this review.

Participate in the review and view all public documents related to the arts standards.