EdTA launches the Theatre Education Community

February 5, 2014

Today, the Educational Theatre Association launches its Theatre Education Community, an online initiative meant for the entire field of theatre education and drawing on the collective resources of EdTA.

Fully integrated with Schooltheatre.org, the Community allows theatre educators to network; discuss; share information, documents, and advice. Community participants can also access and contribute to a variety of resource libraries.

All EdTA individual adult members are automatically enrolled in the Community and should have received the first digest of Community posts via email from the @connectedcommunity.org domain. Once you have received the first digest, you are free to log in and get started.

“I spent a day ‘walking in the shoes’ of a classroom theatre teacher,” Julie Woffington, executive director of EdTA said. “It occurred to me that he had no real peers in the school, that he felt a little bit like he’s on an island. This teacher’s experience illustrated the need for the new Theatre Education Community.”

Thespians can also participate in the Community by logging in using their email and member number.

Non-members can peruse the content of the Community, but in order to take part in discussions they must visit the log-in page and create an account. To access the full resources of the Community, non-members can join EdTA.

After logging in, Community participants can complete a personal profile, adjust their privacy and notification settings, use the member directory, and browse Community content. For the past six months, beta testers have been engaged in dialogues related to theatre education using the Community, preparing it for launch. Smaller, more focused groups also exist within the Community: Advocacy, Student to Student, Thespian Festival, and Prop, Costume, and Set sharing. More groups will form and develop as the Community grows.

Mobile versions of the Community are available for iPhone and Android. Search iTunes or the Google Playstore for the Theatre Education Community.

“Since 1929, the Educational Theatre Association has been delivering content that helps advance the mission of shaping lives through theatre education,” Woffington said. “This new tool enables the collective experience of our own members to bring our shared knowledge to new heights.”