Dramatics goes online

August 31, 2012

Beginning with the September issue, available today, the Educational Theatre Association is publishing its flagship magazine Dramatics in a digital edition. The digital Dramatics will more than double the number of Thespians who have monthly access to the magazine as a benefit of membership.

“This is an important milestone in the magazine’s eighty-three-year history,” said EdTA Executive Director Julie Woffington, “and it makes possible an enhancement of member benefits that will strengthen our connection to Thespians throughout their high school careers.”

Initially the digital edition will be offered as a bonus subscription to all members of the International Thespian Society who are still enrolled in high school, and to Thespian troupe directors and EdTA professional members. A new login system has been created to provide access to the magazine to all active members of the Thespian Society. First-year Thespians will continue to receive a one-year subscription to the print edition of Dramatics, but now they’ll be able to continue to access the magazine online, at no additional cost, until they graduate.

The online version of the magazine is not yet available to non-member subscribers. A login to accommodate them will be added as soon as it is technically feasible, Woffington said.

The digital edition of Dramatics has the same content as the printed magazine, plus a rich collection of links to video, photographs, articles, and other web content that will expand and enhance the reading experience. All of the advertising in the digital magazine contains a direct link to the advertiser’s website. Special features of the digital magazine platform will allow readers to make marginal notes, search the contents of the magazine, and share specific articles.

The magazine’s sister publication, Teaching Theatre, will launch a digital edition next month.

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