Candidates sought for four board positions

January 16, 2014

The Board of Directors of the Educational Theatre Association is seeking candidates for four positions in the organization’s highest leadership. EdTA members will elect three board members and the next vice president/president this summer.

Any active EdTA member is eligible to stand for election to the board. The process begins with the submission of candidate vita materials, which can be downloaded here. Vitae must be submitted by February 24.

The Nominating Committee will select at least six candidates for the three board director positions and two or more candidates for vice president/president. The election will be held by electronic ballot during July and will conclude during the member meeting at the EdTA National Conference, scheduled for July 24-27 in Cincinnati.

The Nominating Committee consists of board Past President Gloria McIntyre, chair; President Jay Seller, as an ex officio member; Vice President Frank Pruet; Executive Director Julie Woffington and Director of Chapters and Communities Diane Carr, both non-voting members; State Chapter Directors Denise Ferguson of Arizona and Michelle Moss of Arkansas; and members at large Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson of Poulsbo, Washington and Laurilea M. Williams of Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

One newly elected board member (the highest vote-getter) will begin a three-year term on August 1, 2014. The other two will take office on August 1, 2015, and will also serve three-year terms. The vice president/president serves a four-year term, two as vice president, two as president, beginning August 1, 2015.

With four of eleven board seats being contested, the 2014 election is the largest in memory, said Executive Director Julie Woffington, and will have a lasting influence on the organization’s future. “EdTA has entered a period of unprecedented growth and innovation,” she said. “This is a very exciting time to be on the Board of Directors. The future of the organization depends on strong leaders stepping forward and volunteering to serve.”