More college resources

“Choose Joy”
A general roadmap of the journey

“What Theatre Majors Learn”

“Why Study Theatre”

“College Application Calendar”

“Laying a Foundation”
How to prepare for a career in design/production


“Inside the Conservatory”
What it’s like to study in a B.F.A. program

What to ask school representatives

“End of the Beginning”
The student showcase experience

“Surviving the hurricane”
Your first weeks in a B.F.A. acting program

“Many Flavors”
Colleges serve up a diverse menu of actor training approaches

“About This Directory”
How to use the college theatre directory

Other directory books and websites of interest





“Be Yourself”
Audition presentation

“Bring It”
Audition preparation

“Lights! Camera! Action!”
Creating a video presentation

“Seven Deadly Sins of Auditioning
Tips from the other side of the table

“Show and Tell”
How to build and present a design/production portfolio

“Your best shot”
The right material, prepared with care, will help you beat the audition odds


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