Learning about college life

Going to college is exciting and, for many students, a little scary. The more you know, though, the more you’ll be able to enjoy your first semester. All freshmen face similar challenges in adjusting to the new academic and social life of college, but your experience will depend on the school you attend. 

As you search, you will find a variety of class sizes and grading systems. A school’s course catalog descriptions will give you an idea of its academic life. College offers more freedom and more choices too. Some choices are familiar, like what time you should wake up or do laundry. Others are new, like whether to pursue a B.A. or a B.F.A.

In EdTA’s online Community, you can get advice from students who have faced many of those same choices. You can also learn more about college life by searching the peer reviews on College Prowler and Princeton Review. However, you will learn the most about your compatibility with a school by visiting its campus—either in person or with a virtual tour online.

You also can meet school representatives in person at EdTA’s annual Thespian Festival or at your chapter Thespian festival. Read “Questions” for ideas on what to talk about with them.