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Applying to college

any theatre programs accept applications directly through their website, but more and more schools are beginning to use shared networks for their submissions, including not only application forms but also video auditions and digital portfolios. Always check a school’s website before applying, though, since some schools may require a separate pre-screening before a full application.

Acceptd is an arts-specific network of some two hundred undergraduate arts programs. Prospective students can post personal profiles for recruiting schools to browse and, for a fee, use the website to submit applications, video auditions, and portfolios. Acceptd helped EdTA develop its searchable online college directory.

Another useful site is the Common Application, a nonprofit membership organization that pro-vides applications that students and school officials may submit to over 500 member colleges and universities.

Finally, you can meet representatives and audition for some fifty schools during EdTA’s annual national Thespian Festival. Several state Thespian groups host their own festivals.

 Continue your college journey

       Get advice from other students
         Join the EdTA Community forum to ask other students about auditions and portfolios.
       Build or submit your Acceptd portfolio
         Use EdTA’s partner network to audition and apply.
       Learn about paying for college
         Find out where you can get financial help.

 More resources about applying to college

       “Be Yourself” – audition presentation
       “Bring It” – audition preparation
       “Lights! Camera! Action!” – creating a video presentation
       “Seven Deadly Sins of Auditioning” – tips from the other side of the table
       “Show and Tell” – how to build and present a design/production portfolio

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