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Troupe Testimonials

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Our members are our best advocates. Here is what they say about the value of International Thespian Society troupe membership.

Why wouldn’t you want to have a Thespian troupe at your school? I’m a product of a Junior Thespian troupe and a high school Thespian troupe. I’ve taught at three schools and created Thespian troupes for every single school because it is the opportunity to allow students to have true honor. … To have an organization that really recognizes them is an immeasurable opportunity.
— Stacy Castiglione, director, Troupe 7944, Los Alamitos High School, California

I think the value of having a Thespian troupe at your school is that it really elevates the stature of your program. It adds a level of prestige. Journalism students have Quill & Scroll, the academics have National Honor Society, and so for theatre students they have the International Thespian Society. And whether they’re going to go on to study theatre or not, it’s going to open a lot of doors for them and connect them to thousands of other students who really love doing theatre and give them that feeling of belonging that they sometimes don’t always feel because they feel like they’re part of such a small group at their own school.
— Ray Palasz, director, Troupe 2861, Munster High School, Indiana

The great part about having a Thespian troupe at your school is ... they get that recognition both at school and the city, around the area, just like the National Honor Society, of having a nationally recognized organization say that they're doing excellent and quality work. They also have networking opportunities with other students. ... Plus, the scholarship money that they're available to audition for, the colleges and universities that are open to them. So many, many student benefits.
— Bob Henrichs, director, Troupe 6547, Lincoln Southwest High School, Nebraska

I inherited an ignored, unsupported, dwindling [theatre] program. One of the first things I did was implement a Thespian troupe. The theatre faithfuls finally felt recognized, and the kids going above and beyond had a structured voice in the program for the first time. They went from the forgotten red-headed stepchildren of our school to a powerhouse that couldn’t be underplayed or ignored. … From a purely monetary standpoint, “game changer” doesn’t even begin to cut it. 
— Victoria Kesling Councill, director, Troupe 7644, New Kent High School, Virginia

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