Thespian Alumni Council

Dear Thespian Alumni,

You are part of the great tradition of the International Thespian Society (ITS), an institution that continues to teach students to “Act well your part, there all honor lies.” As Thespians, we were encouraged to dream, create and learn. As Alumni, it is up to us to ensure our tradition continues and our legacy lives long.

Like you, we are honored to be a part of the great ITS tradition. Being a Thespian certainly shaped our lives, as Stephanie notes, and we bet that you often think about the positive impact that this unique experience had on you, whether you pursued theatre or took your Thespian skills onto other stages.

We have exciting news to share! The International Thespian Society (ITS) is forming an ITS Alumni Council to encourage the involvement of Thespian alumni as stakeholders and to recognize the contributions of Thespian alumni in the arts, education, and other professions. Your personal involvement will help successfully launch the Alumni Council! Now is the most exciting time in the history of the International Thespian Society! We’re launching a pilot project—JumpStart Theatre—to create sustainable theatre programs in underserved middle schools, and we’ve just chartered a new ITS Chapter in China.

As you well know, theatre education provides critical skills necessary for one to succeed in today’s modern society. Putting on a show teaches accountability, respect, teamwork, discipline, risk-taking, and creativity in ways that cannot be learned anywhere else. Theatre provides a home for students where they can feel accepted and valued. 

A strong Alumni Council will be an essential part of taking the Thespian experience to the next level!  Fill out the form below and join us in the ITS Alumni Council! And don't forget to read about other Thespian alumni on our brand new Thespian Alumni blog!



Hunter Bell,
Thespian 1986
Board of Advisors
ITS Alumni Council

Krista Carson Elhai,
Thespian 1974
Board of Advisors
ITS Alumni Council

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