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Charter a Junior Thespian troupe

Chartering a Junior Thespian troupe is a simple process that will set the foundation for rewarding student achievement in theatre for many years to come. To charter, follow these steps and then complete and submit the Junior Thespian Troupe Charter Application, found in the Junior Thespian Troupes entry of the ITS documents resource library.

1. Review

Review the following information found in the Codes and Policies library entry:

1. Section 1.2.2 of the EdTA membership policy to verify that your school is eligible to have a troupe,
2. EdTA code of regulations,
3. Code of professional standards,
4. Policies,
5. Junior Thespian Troupe Handbook.

Additional documents such as membership FAQs and Tips for New Troupe Directors can be found in the ITS documents resource library.

2. Apply

Complete the Junior Thespian Troupe Charter Application. Include signatures from both you and your principal and names and information for your six initial charter inductees.

Return the form, along with payment, to the EdTA national office.

Current school year fees (U.S. currency):

One-time charter fee and annual troupe dues - $75 charter fee and $75 troupe dues / $150
One-time induction fee - $10 per student / $60 (6 students minimum)

That’s it!

You will receive a charter packet from the national office that includes:

• a charter certificate,
• a membership roll certificate,
• basic troupe operation information,
• induction invitations to notify future candidates that they are eligible to join,
• your permanent troupe number and charter date,
• your troupe director log-in ID and password,
• one Junior Thespian induction pin for each inductee,
• one bumper sticker for each inductee that reads: Proud parent of a theatre arts honor student,
• and one personalized membership card and certificate for each inductee.

Normal turnaround on charter applications is three weeks. To receive a charter packet within five business days of application receipt you will be charged an additional $45 for rush processing. You may also submit an order for Junior Thespian honor items (or any other catalog items) with your application, and we will make every effort to deliver this order with your charter packet.

All troupe memberships expire on July 31 and are not prorated. Troupes that are chartered in July are active until July 31 of the following year.

Questions? Please contact the membership department by email or phone at 513.421.3900.

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