Growing Your Thespian Troupe

Growing Your Troupe


As a troupe director, you have great flexibility in awarding Thespian points for student work. While our handbook offers guidelines, it is not intended to imply a one-size-fits-all approach. You are the expert for your troupe.

One point is roughly equivalent to 10 hours of work, with International Thespian Society induction earned at 10 points. In addition to what's outlined for performance, production, technical theatre, and writing achievements in our Thespian Induction Points System tips, there are many other ways students can earn points, even in virtual environments.

Let the following ideas inspire your own, and reach out to the membership team if you have questions or would like to discuss suggestions.

Leadership Experience

  • Serving as an officer for your troupe
  • Taking on leadership roles at the chapter (STO or PTO) or international (ITO) level
  • Organizing or participating in troupe fundraising
  • Accepting a leadership position in a live or virtual production (for example, dance captain, crew captain, etc.)
  • Advocating for theatre education at the local, regional, or national level

Community Service

  • Participating in theatre or other community outreach as a troupe member
  • Performing at a community venue, such as an elementary school or nursing home

Educational Theatre

  • Taking theatre classes outside of school, either online or in person
  • Participating in virtual or in-person workshops
  • Attending virtual or in-person theatre festivals
  • Watching and responding to live or recorded performances
  • Participating in theatre competitions
  • Completing student courses in Theatre Educator Pro


  • You can consider verified hours achieved in projects outside your school, though we recommend half of a student's induction points be earned at school.
  • You can count points from school activities that occurred before your troupe was officially chartered.
  • Students can track their own points, and experienced students can mentor younger ones regarding point collection.
  • Half of all points earned as a Junior Thespian can transfer to high school.

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