COVID Induction Points

Thespian Inductions During COVID


Troupe directors and students alike have asked us: How do students earn Thespian points during COVID? Is it even possible to become a Thespian right now?

Yes! Earning induction into the International Thespian Society is even more valuable this year: It's a way for students to distinguish themselves for college and work while school productions are less frequent, virtual, or sidelined entirely because of COVID.

And while participating in shows is a traditional way to earn points, it's not the only way. Troupe directors can award points for all kinds of activities, even in virtual environments — with the guiding principle that one point is roughly equivalent to 10 hours of work, and 10 points earns induction.

Need ideas for activities? Download our handy COVID Induction Points Sheet, which contains three pages of activities in five different categories. You can also use it to track points for each student (or let them track their own) as they complete suggested projects and you identify your own.

COVID Thespian Induction Points Sheet

COVID Thespian Induction Points


  • You can consider verified hours achieved in projects outside your school, though we recommend half of a student's induction points be earned at school.
  • You can count points from school activities that occurred before your troupe was officially chartered.
  • Students can track their own points, and experienced students can mentor younger ones regarding point collection.
  • Half of all points earned as a Junior Thespian can transfer to high school.
  • Consult the Thespian Induction Points System tips and our handbook for more detailed information.

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