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EdTA's Junior Thespian Festival is a national event dedicated to middle school theatre. Junior Thespian Festival 2016 was held at Denison High School in Denison, Texas. Junior Fest provides students (grades six through eight) and their teachers with opportunities to develop their theatre skills, make new friends, and celebrate the experience of theatre. Relive some of Junior Fest 2016's best moments at Thespian Nation!


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Middle School Community

  • If you did Greek mythology they could make their own mask from found objects at home. They can do the research on line or at a library or you can bring in some Greek myth books for them. Then they can write monologues, create scenes between the gods,...

  • We do a series of summer camps mostly centered around the kids creating their own mini-show. We pull from our limited costume stock, use what we can to create props if we need, and just make sure the music/sound effects and lighting are cool. We...