How to register

Registration deadline is May 1, which means all forms and full payment are due on this date.

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Step 1 - Plan

Determine your troupe’s attendees and make sure all individuals are committed to going. EdTA charges a $100 per person cancellation fee. No refunds will be issued on cancellations made after May 1.

If the official troupe director is not able to attend the ITF, another faculty member or a parent may attend in his or her place. This person would be considered the “acting troupe director” and serve as the contact person for that school’s registration. Troupe directors must designate the approved acting troupe director through the online registration system. 


Step 2 - Prepare

Gather all necessary information for your troupe’s registration.

Please note: The "Authorization to obtain consumer report" form is required by our third party verification provider. We have only contracted for research on criminal and sex offender-related issues, not your credit report.

Housing information: Determine the total number of rooms you'll need for housing your delegation. The registration system will require this information once the troupe director is registered. For example, if the troupe director pays for a single room, two chaperones will share a room, and ten students will share rooms, you should request one adult single, one adult double, and five student doubles. Triples and quads are available on a limited basis. Before completing registration, you will also be asked for roommate selections.

Physical or dietary needs: If an ITF attendee has any needs, it is very important those are communicated when completing the online registration.

For all students and adults, you should check/collect the following:

  1. Prior to registering your students, make sure they are on our database as inducted Thespians. If you register them without being inducted they will be charged the non-member rate and will be ineligible for I.E.s and auditions.
  2. A parent's name
  3. Parent's email
  4. t-shirt size,
  5. dietary requirements and ADA needs,
  6. current grade levels of students,
  7. cell phone number,
  8. email address,
  9. determine if a student is auditioning for colleges or scholarships
  10. a completed Consent and Acceptance form for each registered delegate (including all adults),
  11. a completed Youth Activity Safety Policy from every adult attendee.

In order to complete a registration, we will need at least one adult's (parent/guardian) email for each student. Once the email is entered into the registration system, that adult will be emailed the Consent and Acceptance form. They will be able to complete and sign it digitally and submit online. No more printing or scanning! A copy of the completed form will be sent to the Troupe Director.

For students participating in the National Individual Events program, you will need the following:

  1. the title of the piece(s); for musical theatre pieces, the song, and the show title,
  2. the category,
  3. the author,
  4. the publisher,
  5. for dramatic pieces, proof of performance permission (if necessary).

Note: If you are registering five or more students for I.E.s you must provide an I.E. judge.
Teachers and troupe directors:
Please ask your students whether they will be auditioning for colleges (rising juniors only) or for scholarships (graduated seniors only).

Step 3 - Register

ITF registration opens on February 1 and closes on May 1.

Step 4 - Submit

You are not fully-registered for the ITF until the EdTA National Office has received:

  • Payment in full. The International Thespian Festival accepts certified check, money order, or credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express, or Diners Club only). Credit card payments will be made thru the online registration system. If paying by check or money order, please submit one check only for all registration fees and Individual Events, made payable to the International Thespian Festival. School purchase orders will not be accepted.
  • A complete Consent and Acceptance form for each registered delegate (including all adults).*
  • A complete Youth Activity Safety Policy from every adult attendee.*
  • Proof of performance permission for dramatic Individual Events.*

*With the new online registration system, all attendee forms as well as I.E. performance permissions can be uploaded directly to your registration. We strongly encourage you to upload all ITF materials to ensure an efficient registration process.

Mail checks and other materials to:

International Thespian Festival
PO Box 645541
Cincinnati, OH 45264-5541


All must be received by May 1, 2019.

Can students be adopted by other troupes? 

If you are a student who would like to attend ITF but your troupe/school is not planning to attend, here are your options:

  • Working with your troupe director, canvas the other schools in your district/area to see if they are planning to attend ITF. If you find another school in your district/area that is attending, you can ask that troupe director to "adopt" you to be part of their troupe. If acceptable to that troupe director and school, they can add you to their registration and you can coordinate travel, payment etc. directly with your adopted troupe. It is possible that the school will have limits on accepting students from other schools and those decisions will be handled locally by each school.
  • If there is not another school in your district/area willing or able to adopt you, your only other alternative is to have your parent or delegated guardian chaperone you to the event. This would mean a payment of the full registration for the attending chaperone.

Because of the various restrictions and vast differences with how districts/area and states handle these kinds of events, there's no longer a way to be adopted by schools outside of your district/area. EdTA cannot share information on schools that are attending nor do we have a database of potential troupe directors able to adopt students from other schools.