Festival After Dark

Festival After Dark

After a day full of workshops and shows, Festival offers a variety of activities after dark. Thespians can attend on-campus, chaperoned dances, participate in karaoke, or learn the finer points of improv in special evening sessions taught by professional actors.

Late night dance themes

  • Thursday - In honor of BC/EFA, the dance theme tonight will be Red Costume. Will you be Little Red Riding Hood, Santa Claus, a flapper, or a red whatever?
  • Friday - Tonight's theme will be Groovin' with the '60s.

Improvisational Theatre Game Intensive

Come audition for the ITF Improv Intensive a.k.a Second City Lincoln! Sixteen students will be selected to train, practice, and build ensemble rooted in Viola Spolin Improvisational Theater. Required daily practices lead up to a Friday evening performance. Don’t miss out. Sign up to audition.

Viola Spolin pioneered Improvisational Theater and her son Paul Sills went on to form The Second City in Chicago. This multi-day series of classes is based on the pedagogy designed by Paul Sills and will be lead by professional actor Ed Reggi. Approximately 10 hours of classroom training and additional hours outside practice will continue through the week. The experience will culminate with a final ensemble performance on Friday evening.

Keep checking back for more information!