National Individual Events

National Individual Events

National Individual Events (NIEs) is an educational program that offers Thespians the opportunity to receive constructive feedback on prepared theatrical material and technical designs.

  • The performance Individual Events include: monologue, duet acting, group acting, solo musical theatre, duet musical theatre, and group musical theatre.
  • The technical Individual Events include: costume construction, costume design, lighting design, scenic design, short film, sound design, stage management, and theatre marketing.

All students must qualify with an overall Superior at their chapter events and must be an inducted Thespian by the time of registration in order to be eligible to present an IE at ITF. Students must present the same piece at ITF for which they qualified at their chapter. In duet or group IEs, all participants must be inducted Thespians. It is strongly recommended that each student review the NIEs guidelines prior to selecting their piece for their chapter event. All documents pertaining to the National Individual Events program can be found in the National Individual Events library.

Each IE will be presented on either Tuesday or Wednesday at ITF. Click on the PDF to see the current list of dates/times/rooms -These are subject to change.

Costume Construction
Costume Design
Duet Acting
Duet Musical
Group Acting
Group Musical
Lighting Design
Scenic Design
Short Film
Solo Musical
Sound Design
Stage Management
Theatre Marketing

A select few performers will be called back for a possible part of the showcase on Friday and Saturday mornings. Performance callbacks will be held on Thursday 9:00-1:00. Technical finalists will be picked directly by the judges without a callback.

The National Individual Events program culminates in a showcase of outstanding entries. Up to twelve selected performance participants will present their pieces on the ITF main stage and selected technical IE participants will have their work prominently displayed during ITF week. Read the National Individual Events Guide for complete rules on qualifying and specifics for every performance and technical category.

Students who are eligible to participate in the Individual Events must register for the entire week of ITF.

No NIEs registrations will be accepted after May 1.