About the Thespys

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Broadway has the Tonys, Hollywood has the Oscars ... now Thespians have the Thespys!

The International Thespian Excellence Awards, or Thespys for short, recognize the highest level of achievement in school theatre performance and technical theatre.

This educational program (formerly called NIEs) gives Thespians the opportunity to receive constructive feedback on prepared theatrical material and technical designs. Students who achieve overall superior scores at their chapter and the top scores in their category at the International Thespian Festival will earn International Thespian Excellence Awards.

All Thespy Award winners are honored on the main stage at the International Thespian Festival Showcase, the celebratory closing event. Select winners will be invited to travel to New York City and Los Angeles to perform or present at the Educational Theatre Foundation’s Broadway Back to School and Thespians Go Hollywood galas — offering opportunities to meet and learn from industry professionals.

Want to earn a Thespy?

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