Adjudication procedures

Main Stage Adjudication Procedures

Invitations to perform on ITF's main stage are issued on the basis of adjudications or screenings. A screening can be arranged at a school or a Thespian chapter conference. A production can be screened only one time per school year. The National Office will send two adjudicators. If a situation such as bad weather or airline difficulties prevents both adjudicators from arriving then only one adjudicator will screen the show.

All requests for main stage adjudication must be submitted by October 15, 2019.

The National Office will decline to screen a performance and return the fees within 30 days of receiving it if:

  1. Any of the requirements outlined above are not met.
  2. The choice of play is not appropriate in the judgment of the National Office.
  3. There are no adjudicators available to attend the performance.
  4. A different production of the same show has already been selected.

Submission Deadlines

The Main Stage adjudication school year will be divided into two seasons: Fall and Spring. As a result, all applications are due by October 15, 2019.
Fall: shows adjudicated by December 31, 2019.
Spring: shows adjudicated by April 1, 2020.

Main stage spots will be held in proportion to the number of shows submitted. For example, if 36 shows are submitted for 11 main stage slots with the ratio of 12 in the Fall and 24 in the Spring, then Fall will be awarded 4 slots and Spring will be awarded 7 slots.

Shows will be selected based on the highest scores per season. In the event of a tie or other extenuating circumstances, the main stage adjudication committee will make the final selections. It’s important to note, if anyone on the main stage adjudication committee has a conflict of interest, they will be excluded from the discussion and voting.

Shows not selected will be invited to a wait list to fill spots if they become available. The additional slots will combine the Fall and Spring seasons and order them by highest score. In January, a note will be sent to Fall schools not selected to confirm their interest in being considered as an alternate should an opening become available. Those schools will be notified in the Spring announcement period.

Selected shows will be contacted directly and announced in the EdTA News & Notes on January 5, 2020 for Fall, and April 5, 2020 for Spring.

How to cancel a screening

Up to one week prior to the performance, if the troupe director finds the performance is not main stage quality then the troupe director is encouraged to cancel the screening. The school will receive a refund of the screening fee minus $100 (for processing) and any non-refundable airline ticket fees and cancellation fees incurred by the adjudicator(s).

Additional updates for 2019-20

Adjudicator restrictions - Adjudicators cannot screen:

  1. In seasons where they or their school is submitting a show.
  2. In their primary state.

Selection rotation

  1. Directors, chapters and/or troupes will not be eligible for a main stage performance slot two years in a row.
  2. This rule is in effect beginning in the 2018-19 school year.

Consistency in performance - Similar to ITAs, the show that has been awarded a main stage slot must be substantially the same as presented originally. Examples include:

  1. If the original show had live musicians, the main stage show must bring live musicians. If the full show was selected, a concert version cannot be substituted.
  2. If there are any changes to casting (emergency or otherwise), it must be submitted and approved by the national office prior to the event.

After a show has been screened:
The troupe director will receive a written evaluation, as submitted to the ITF director by the adjudicator(s), no more than 30 days following the performance. No written or oral critique will be provided at the time of the performance.

Screenings at Thespian chapter conferences

Chapter directors can request to have productions screened at Thespian chapter conferences.