Benefits of an ITS troupe

How does an ITS troupe enhance your theatre program?
Stature. Recognition from an international honor society lends additional stature to student honors and the program as a whole in the eyes of the school, community, and colleges.
Support. Funding and resources follow success. ITS provides opportunities to showcase your successes. Induction ceremonies. Honor rank advancement. Invitations to perform at state and national venues. Awards and scholarships. High assessments for individual events at the state and national levels.
Motivation. Clear, attainable goals. Our point system incorporates recognition through a series of progressively higher honors. This adds structure to the program and keeps students motivated to stay involved throughout their school careers. Student leadership opportunities. Elected troupe officers often work under the guidance of the troupe director to handle most day-to-day troupe operations and train their successors to provide continuity.
Learning. State and national festivals. ITS programs expand students' educational and theatrical horizons including: Training by state and national theatre arts educators and working professionals; Collaborating with students from other schools; Assessment and recognition of their skills based on national standards. Professional development for troupe directors. ITS troupe directors are full members of the Educational Theatre Association (EdTA), which provides topnotch professional development and networking opportunities, including the EdTA National Conference.
Activate an ITS troupe

Thespians share a passion and a special bond. Thespians are part of something bigger than themselves.
How do students benefit? Pride. Affirmation. Confidence. Inspiration. As members of ITS, your students will be honored on a national level and have access to resources beyond those of their school. ITS state and national events, including the International Thespian Festival, with workshops, college and scholarship auditions, as well as opportunities to showcase and receive assessment on tech and performance skills. A membership card, certificate, and induction pin. Thespians receive print and digital subscriptions to Dramatics magazine, the only publication edited exclusively for theatre students and teachers. Student leadership opportunities at the troupe, state, and national levels that provide forums to learn and put their leadership skills to work. ITS honor society membership to enhance college and employment applications.
How does it work? The ITS group at each school is known as a troupe and is led by a troupe director, usually the school's theatre teacher. The troupe is the school's theatre honor society, and students earn induction based on their achievements in its theatre program. Tracking achievement. ITS point system guides help track student work in performance, tech, and production staff categories. In fact, inductees must earn points over the course of more than one production and in more than one discipline. Junior Thespian troupes include students in grades 6-8 who have completed at least 50 hours of excellent work. Thespian troupes include students in grades 9-12 who have completed at least 100 hours of excellent work. Honoring continuing achievement. Students continue to earn ITS points beyond induction to achieve progressively higher honors. Rewarding academic achievement. A GPA of 3.0 earns inductees the first of three ITS scholar distinctions.