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The school administration must appoint one adult to serve as the official troupe director. That person will submit the troupe activation form. Here’s a checklist to help you charter a new troupe or reinstate a lapsed troupe to active status.

1. Confirm school eligibility.
Your school is eligible to activate a Thespian troupe provided you have a traditional, brick-and-mortar public or private school that includes grades 9-12, provides full academic course work, and has a theatre program of any kind. Contact our membership team if you have questions about your school's charter eligibility.

2. Download and complete the application form (right-hand menu)
The same activation form is used to charter a new troupe or reinstate a lapsed troupe. Principal and troupe director signatures are required.

3. Enter contact information for new student inductees.

All troupes must have a total of six or more active student members within 12 months of troupe activation (charter or reinstatement). This is the sum of:

  1. Current students who are already inducted into your school's withdrawn troupe (if reinstating)
  2. Current students who transferred, or do transfer, to your school after being inducted into another troupe
  3. Students inducted into your troupe using the application form or during the next 12 months

To induct students using your application form, collect each inductee’s name, mailing address, email address, birth date, and anticipated graduation year. Contact our membership team if you need to transfer Thespians to your troupe.

If you’re just starting out, you can induct any student in grades 9-12 who is participating in your school’s theatre program, has worked on at least two productions, and has completed at least 100 hours of quality work in theatre and related disciplines. When your troupe is more established, you can move to more advanced induction criteria, including the Thespian Induction Point System.

If you want to notify students in advance, need help collecting student contact information, or want to collect induction fees from students, you can download the optional Thespian induction invitation sheet, give one to each eligible student, and have them return the R.S.V.P. to you.

4. Arrange payment.
(U.S. currency):

One-time activation fee (charter or reinstatement):   $100
Annual troupe dues:   $129
One-time induction fee (per student):   $35

Payment and processing options are detailed on the troupe activation form.

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