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The school administration must appoint one adult to serve as the official troupe director. That person will complete the troupe activation process. Here’s a checklist to help you charter a new troupe or reinstate a lapsed troupe to active status.

1. Confirm school eligibility
Any organization, including but not limited to public schools, private schools, charter schools, magnet schools, home school groups, virtual/online schools, youth theatre groups, theatre-only schools or academies, and professional or community theatre company educational programs, so long as they serve the purpose of providing theatre education to students, shall be eligible to establish a Thespian troupe.

Contact our membership team if you have questions about your organization's charter eligibility.

2. Review instructions for completing your activation application

Both charter and reinstatement applications are submitted online using the following instructions:

  1. Login at (Don’t have an account? Follow the instructions on the page same page for creating an account)
  2. Locate and click the Activate a Troupe link in the left-hand navigation menu.
  3. When prompted, search for the name of your school in the Search for a School/Troupe field. If multiple troupes with the same name exist, verify that you are selecting the correct record using the city and state. Select your school and click Next.
  4. If no school is returned in the search or if you know your school has no prior affiliation with ITS, check the box next to New School. Enter the information for your school and click Next.
  5. When prompted, select you preferred method of payment and submit your application.
For more detailed instructions, please visit the How to Use the Online Membership Portal page of the website. You can contact our Membership Team via email at with additional questions about the application process.

If you want to notify students in advance, need help collecting student contact information, or want to collect induction fees from students, you can download the optional Thespian induction invitation sheet, give one to each eligible student, and have them return the R.S.V.P. to you.

3. Arrange payment:
One-time activation fee (charter or reinstatement):   $100 US / $127 CAD
Annual troupe dues:   $129 US / $163 CAD
*One-time Thespian induction fee (per student, grades 9-12):   $35 US / $45 CAD
*One-time Jr. Thespian induction fee (per student, grades 6-8):   $17 US / $22 CAD

Payment and processing options are detailed in the troupe activation application process.

*Junior Thespians (grades 6-8) must be re-inducted at the Thespian level once they enter the 9th grade and have completed the additional requirements for Thespian induction. Their work as a Junior Thespian starts them off with a minimum of five of the 10 points needed for Thespian induction.

Questions? Contact our membership team

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