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    We also produced  Failure: A Love Story last year and had a great experience exploring the beautiful storytelling of this script!  In honoring the Greek stylization, we built three periaktoi to set the ... More

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    I echo what others have said, I have it in the audition form that they are auditioning for A part in the play, not a specific part , and that by auditioning they are agreeing to accept whatever ... More

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    You're right, it is a big decision with lots of ideas about how to go forward. As a preface, I personally own a Behringer portable system, so my opinion does have a certain color to it.  But I like the ... More


December 2018 Dramatics cover


Our annual Dramatics Summer Theatre Directory offers advice on succeeding at a unified audition and dealing with technical difficulties. Also featured are two new Playworks scripts and a profile of playwright and Thespian Playworks alum Max Posner. Read more.

Teaching Theatre

January 2019 cover of Teaching Theatre.

Teaching Theatre

New year, new classroom edition of Teaching Theatre! Help your performers act “from the gut” and your playwrights adapt short stories for the stage with new lesson plans. The January issue also offers tips on developing a theatre course for special-needs students and maximizing classroom efficiency through better space planning. Read more.

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    EdTA Advocacy Update January 15, 2019   The Advocacy Update is where you can find current national and state ...