How to register

The online registration website for Thespian Festival opens in February.

Visit the Festival Community to learn more about the Thespian Festival.

  • Registration: ~$672 includes double room, Monday-Saturday night; meals, Monday dinner-Sunday breakfast, and a t-shirt.
  • Single room (adults only): an additional ~$120 per adult
  • College and Thespian Scholarship auditions: ~$41 per student. Payable by credit card at GetAccepted when student begins application.
  • National Individual Events Showcase audition: $25 per event.

Step 1:
Make sure all individuals are committed to going. EdTA charges a $100 cancellation fee.

Step 2:
Gather all necessary information for your troupe.

For all students and chaperones, you should have the following information:
  1. cell phone number
  2. email address
  3. t-shirt size
  4. dietary requirements
For students who qualified at your State Chapter Festival/conference to participate in the National Individual Events Showcase auditions, you will need the following:
  1. the title of the piece
  2. the category
  3. the author
  4. the publisher
  5. for musical theatre pieces, the song and the show title

For groups with teams participating in Tech Challenge:

  1. name of team
  2. names of all team members
  3. t-shirt sizes for each team member
Step 3: Register online.


Step 4: Mail the following to the Home Office:
  1. a check for the total registration fee
  2. signed copies of the Medical Release Form (consent to treat or not treat), required of all students and adults
  3. signed copies of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Youth Activities Safety Policy, required of all adults
  4. signed copies of any Proof of Performance rights