John Litten

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John is the Drama teacher at Northgate High School located in beautiful Walnut Creek, CA. Prior to taking this incredible position, John acted as the Artistic Director of Malibu, CA's Young Actors Project (YAP) where he produced hundreds of shows for 10 plus years with K-12 actors. During his time in Los Angeles, John began to adapt and write original material to meet his actors' needs. He is especially proud of his adaptations of Christmas Carol, Robin Hood, Pinocchio, and Alice in Wonderland. Some of his original scripts include Bonnie and Clyde, In David's Words, and The Sleep Over. John is a firm believer in producing the highest level of theatre with actors who just so happen to be young. He is excited to be a member of ETA where he hopes to connect with a community of like-minded individuals who share his passions. Apart from teaching theatre, John is a Yatzy playing Beastie Boys fanatic who enjoys hiking, observing nature, discussing movies at length in cafes, hanging with his lovely fiance and cat, and constantly writing down ideas for scenes. His goals are to become a strong communicator, a respectable theatre artist and to provide inspiration for his students for years to come.


San Diego State University
San Diego, California, United States
BA, 2003
Theatre and Dramatic Arts
1998 To 2003