Mr. Leon Kalayjian

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Several published plays with Samuel French with featured articles on their Breaking Character magazine site.   Off Broadway one week  run with Where theres no will ... Check out Youtube for my plays.   We set all attendence records with production of Murder with Grace at Southern Union Com College     The Shakespearecist performed in PA in June.   Free Expressions performed in OH in early July (Brooklyn Pub) and MWG in MN this past June.   Coffee House slated for this fall....

My new musical is the Lost Play of William Shakespeare which is a hilarious 12-25 member cast with easy to play songs and simple single set.    I have a theater in NJ to produce for January but need more productions.    Interest by the Syracuse Shakespeare festival but they want angels and funders.    Would love to send out to anyone willing to give the libretto a read.   Lost play is fictitious and when someone steals Shakespeares new play, it brings out that Shakespeare is under tremendous pressure to produce more content and has started farming out parts of plays to other playwrights, trying to keep his popularity and not lose what he has.   He goes on a journey to retrieve the play, and in doing so, meets many characters and is thrust into situations that give him the insight to write his next plays himself.