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1.  Show Suggestions?

Posted Aug 11, 2014 10:47 AM

I'll be a first year teacher in September, and have a play that opens in November. I'm looking for script suggestions! 

I have no idea what my talent pool is, and no way of really finding that out before I need to select a show. I've been told that there are a lot of girls and always a need for more boys. I'd love to do something that would be known or recognized by the community, and something that has a cast size of about 15, but flexibility would be great. I originally looked at something like Arabian Nights (Zimmerman) but it's so full of sex that I don't even want to try and get it approved. 

Also thinking of maybe a one-act festival? Who knows. Any ideas? 

Katy Nuttman
Auburn WA

2.  RE: Show Suggestions?

Posted Aug 12, 2014 8:43 AM
If you aren't sure of the experience level of your kids, something like Don Zolidis's "Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon" might be fun.   I just did this show last fall, and the kids loved it.  The characters are all static and familiar, and there are a few opportunities for bigger roles like the narrators and the Actor at the end who has to put on the whole Cinderella story by himself.  (We used different hats for him, instead of wigs -- and he actually won a regional award for a featured actor.) 

The set design can be very simple.  We made huge books stacked on top of each other for a platform space, and one on its side for the Rapunzel tower.  We also made these awesome trees that looked like they were made out of pages of the German fairytale books.  Very "storybook comes to life."  We had so much fun with it, and I chose it because I had a lot of freshmen coming in, and I wasn't sure of our overall abilities. 

Good luck with you new position! 
Denise Connor
English/Drama Teacher
Montoursville PA

3.  RE: Show Suggestions?

Posted Aug 13, 2014 7:35 PM
I was in your same boat 6 years ago. Here are the productions we've done since. I am working with a high school group, grades 9-12. WARNING: I am old, so I lean toward classics, with bigger casts. But there are some newer ones in here, too! Most of these are 'female heavy.' Stage Door London Suite I Remember Mama Fashionably Late Daddy's Girl Our Town A Little Piece of Heaven Becoming Juliet Blythe Spirit California Suite George Washington Slept Here Asylum & Actor's Nightmare (one-acts) Still deciding on this year, but "Almost, Alaska" will definitely be there somewhere. Try going to the major script clearance houses (DPS, Samuel French, Heuer) and using their search engines to find scripts with the right ration of men/women (start with twice as many women as men, and try to keep the leads female). I hope this helps! ------------------------------------------- Susan Draus teacher & theater advisor Downingtown Area School District Downingtown PA -------------------------------------------

4.  RE:Show Suggestions?

Posted Aug 14, 2014 8:47 PM
I think footloose would be a great show for you're set up! Or little shop of horrors! ------------------------------------------- Danysha Lamadieu Covington GA ------------------------------------------- Sent via Higher Logic Mobile

5.  RE: Show Suggestions?

Posted Aug 15, 2014 3:10 PM

Diary of Anne Frank by Wendy Kesselman is a good adaptation with a 5 and 5 cast. My kids also loved Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 by John Bishop and is also a 5 and 5 cast.
Shira Schwartz
Chandler Unified School District
Chandler AZ

6.  RE: Show Suggestions?

Posted Aug 16, 2014 7:05 AM
I wouldn't jump right in with a musical. I mean, I would - and I did - but I honestly don't know how we pulled it off. I think you're better off sticking with a well known straight show. I'd look into literary adaptations - Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, that sort of thing. They sell REALLY well (at least in our community) and often are more flexible with casting as far as being gender blind, doubling parts as needed, etc. I'd also check for things that allow ensemble casting. Almost, Maine keeps coming to mind. I don't know that I'd lead off with that simply because it might not be as well known, but something like that where you can expand as much as you need/want, but it could be done with as few as 2 men and 2 women. ------------------------------------------- Laura Steenson Theatre Director Reynolds High School Troutdale OR -------------------------------------------

7.  RE: Show Suggestions?

Posted Aug 17, 2014 12:30 PM
Thanks everybody! I've settled on a show, but I really appreciate all the suggestions! We'll be doing a musical this March, so I'll keep some of those other suggestions in mind too! ------------------------------------------- Katy Nuttman Auburn WA -------------------------------------------

8.  RE: Show Suggestions?

Posted Aug 18, 2014 7:35 AM
What did you decide on? I love to hear what everyone else is doing! ------------------------------------------- Laura Steenson Theatre Director Reynolds High School Troutdale OR -------------------------------------------

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