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Topic: Tour Companies: NYC

1.  Tour Companies: NYC

I usually do my own trips to NYC but am looking to take a larger group and need to use a tour company. It has been years since I used one and am looking for suggestions and/or warnings about tour companies you have used.


Tim Brown
Greenville SC

2.  RE: Tour Companies: NYC

We went to NYC this past summer and used Smithsonian travel it was wonderful.

Alan Kay

3.  RE: Tour Companies: NYC

I have used two good tour groups
EF America and Worldstrides
Clint Alexander
Gloucester VA

4.  RE: Tour Companies: NYC

I have used Travel Passports, owned by Joan Hahn. am EdTA past president.

Gloria McIntyre
Rocky River OH

5.  RE: Tour Companies: NYC

Slight typo..meant to write "an EdTA past president" and she is also a member of the EdTA Hall of Fame ------------------------------------------- Gloria McIntyre Rocky River OH -------------------------------------------

6.  RE: Tour Companies: NYC

I have used Manhattan Tour and Travel for years, who are now operated as Junior Tours.  They have great tour guides, know THEATRE in NYC, and have great customer service.  Highly recommended.

John Morris
Las Vegas NV

7.  RE: Tour Companies: NYC

Clint Alexander, how was Worldstrides? 

Bob Polster has been persistent, to the point of annoyance at times, about trying to get me to organize a trip to NYC with them.

Jared Grigsby
English and Journalism Teacher / Drama Director
MSD of Boone Township
Valparaiso IN

8.  RE: Tour Companies: NYC

I took at group of 30 high school students in April and used ProMusica tours.  (I had previously used Passports).  ProMusica specializes in custom designing your trip and we were able to have 3 workshops, talkbacks after everyshow (Heathers, Kinky Boots, Matilda, Pippin, If/Then), and time for the usual sightseeing all in a 5 day, 4 night trip.  Here is there website-

Kathy Cannarozzi-Harris
Chairperson Of Visual And Performing Arts
Laguna Hills CA

9.  RE: Tour Companies: NYC

I have had a great experience and excellent service using Manhattan Tour and Travel. They will work with you to customize your trip based on the students attending and their interests, and their organization and communication is outstanding. The company founders are longtime EdTA members and Sandy is in the EdTA Hall of Fame. Let me know if you would like me to send you our sample itinerary. ------------------------------------------- Krista Carson Elhai California Claremont CA -------------------------------------------

10.  RE: Tour Companies: NYC

I have use a couple different companies -- Field Studies were very theatre orientated and offered us opportunities for workshops and secured a guide for us that was actually an actor. They had a booth at ITF. Recently I started using Dragaud Travel -- they are very friendly and bend over backwards to make sure you enjoy your trip. To be honest, I was not impressed with the guide we had last summer - but that was probably because Field Studies had spoiled me with providing actors as our guides -- and they could really relate to my students and had much to share. Having said that, I would still gladly use them again - and I don't really need a guide.... ------------------------------------------- Darleen Totten TX -------------------------------------------

11.  RE: Tour Companies: NYC

Try Manhattan Tour and Travel. Sandy Levitt, the co founder, is great about molding the trip to you. ------------------------------------------- Floyd Nash Pompano Beach FL -------------------------------------------

12.  RE: Tour Companies: NYC

SHOW ME TOURS is awesome! Daniel will customize your trip and learn everyone's name in minutes. He is vastly knowledgeable about the city and history.  He does large groups and small groups.
We used him for years before I started doing the trip myself with smaller groups. I just saw him on Letterman when they spoofed his group touring two nights ago!
Great group:

Diana Driver
Amherst VA

13.  RE: Tour Companies: NYC

Laurent Nahon gives an insider's look and can customize for your group. He knows pretty much everyone in the business and has a great positive outlook.

Arlene Hutton
New York NY

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