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1.  Enhanced Drama Course - English And Theatre

Posted Jul 04, 2014 1:56 PM
This fall we will be offering an enhanced theatre class at our school for senior students in grades 11 and 12. The wonderful opportunity for students is that upon completion of the course they will receive a credit in English as well. My province of Saskatchewan in Canada has developed curriculums that focus directly on student outcomes rather than simply objectives. I am looking for innovative ideas in how to integrate the two subject areas - more than simply character analysis projects! I am a veteran teacher of 28 years who is not afraid to try new things! ------------------------------------------- David Zulkoskey Teacher/Fine Arts Coordinator and Artistic Director of the Mad Hatter Theatre Co. Saskatchewan Rivers School Division #119 Prince Albert SK ------------------------------------------- Sent via Higher Logic Mobile

2.  RE: Enhanced Drama Course - English And Theatre

Posted Jul 05, 2014 7:30 AM
Hi David, I have students keep observation journals and write reflections about their growth as part of their language arts work. We also do work with theme related to how actors create characters to convey the author's intention. You can use citations in their work using APA or MLA style depending on what your district prefers. If your rubrics are set up to score their conventions, ideas and content, organization, etc as well as their character analysis, you're off to a great start. ------------------------------------------- Amy Sidwell Director of Theatrical Arts Woodburn Arts and Communications Academy Canby OR -------------------------------------------

3.  RE: Enhanced Drama Course - English And Theatre

Posted Jul 07, 2014 8:22 AM
I teach a semester high school course titled Shakespeare Through Performance. It started as a college-credit course through Oberlin College. Now I teach the class without the association to Oberlin because the Common Core has required my school in Ohio to eliminate all English electives. The course is now offered for Fine Arts credit--so I emphasize scene work and character study over research papers. But when I taught the course for English credit, the purpose was to gain college-writing prep skills through analysis and research papers, while studying Shakespeare "on our feet." No more sitting at a desk and reading the bard. Students act out metaphor after metaphor to bring the poetry to life. The course is a ton of work, especially if I want to challenge myself with a play less familiar to me - but incredibly valuable. Some kids take both AP English and Shakespeare Through Performance, and have commented that the Shakespeare class served them well on the AP test.

Jo Beth Gonzalez
Teacher/Drama Director
Bowling Green City Schools
Bowling Green OH

4.  RE: Enhanced Drama Course - English And Theatre

Posted Jul 05, 2014 8:42 PM
In my Honors English Drama class, we spend the first half reading and studying plays by great playwrights, doing character analysis, performances, 30 second Shakespeare projects, performance techniques, and improv. (12 weeks) . The next 12 weeks is a playwriting workshop where I take them through the process. They write their own children's theatre pieces , we workshop them and then choose 4-5 to tour to our local elementary schools. student written, student directed, student designed... The elementary teachers love it and my students experience the full reality of production (and a mini bus tour for 4 a 6 weeks). They even write their own press releases and create classroom extension materials for the teachers. I give them the choice to write alone or in a partnership. Some students also choose to write plays for a more adult audience, knowing they won't tour, but they can be presented in an evening of public performances/readings we do. This year I had 17 new plays written in a class of 30 students. One of my students from a past year even got his published:) It's amazing what they can create when given the opportunity. ------------------------------------------- Glenn Morehouse Olson Theater Teacher, Director St. Francis MN -------------------------------------------

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