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1.  I love this forum -- need more help! FUNNY, ONE ACT PLAY please!

This forum has been incredibly useful!!!  A while ago, I posted a request for telephones (for our current production of Bye Bye Birdie) and was able to connect with a woman in Michigan, who sent me a box full of multi-colored telephone receivers with cords -- exactly what I wanted!  Amazing!  Thank you Amy Crane!  I needed a good Ed Sullivan voice-over for the same production, and got one from a guy in West Virginia -- wow!  Thanks so much Andy Bowyer!

Unfortunately, my search for a gay-themed play, appropriate for our Middle School, has been (to date) fruitless.  I will continue to search, but now, because I recently learned that our rehearsal time will be shortened next fall, I am going in a different I am hoping that I can have some more great forum success with this post:

I am seeking a FUNNY, ONE-ACT play that is appropriate to the middle school level.  We are a private school in NYC, so the students are pretty sophisticated and can handle more mature themes than one might think, but still -- plays that are more high school related (smoking, drinking, sexual themes) are usually not entirely appropriate for these kids.  This play must also be able to accommodate 20 - 30 kids.  ANY IDEAS?  Please help!  

Susan Sterman-Jones
Drama Teacher/ Director
New York NY

2.  RE:I love this forum -- need more help! FUNNY, ONE ACT PLAY please!

It's been mentioned in several other show idea threads, but check out Seussification of Romeo and Juliet.  

Amy Learn
Ballwin MO

3.  RE:I love this forum -- need more help! FUNNY, ONE ACT PLAY please!

For our middle school about 6 years ago we performed The Yellow Boat -- an AIDS play but not totally gay themed. It is about a boy who contracts the disease through a blood transfusion and the discrimination he and his parents have to endure. It is a fast moving, totally beautiful show based on a true story. I even contacted the author (whose son is the main character) and used his artwork as projections during the show. You need to read this script! Our show won several awards, the kids are still talking about it, and we coordinated to have the AIDS quilt on display during our run. 
Give it a try - you won't regret it.
(I am happy to send you pics etc if you want to pursue it)

Ron Wells
Summit, NJ

4.  RE:I love this forum -- need more help! FUNNY, ONE ACT PLAY please!

I recommend the work of Lindsay Price and the other writers on her website, She has both more "sophisticated" subject matter as well as G-rated material.  Very funny stuff, and all written specifically for MS/HS

Richard Carter
English/Drama Teacher
Director, Community Shakespeare Company
Lopez Island WA

5.  RE:I love this forum -- need more help! FUNNY, ONE ACT PLAY please!

I saw The Yellow Boat at Seattle Children's Theatre and LOVED it.  Also, is fabulous.  Some great play options in all forms. 

Amy Sidwell
Director of Theatrical Arts
Woodburn Arts and Communications Academy
Canby OR

6.  RE:I love this forum -- need more help! FUNNY, ONE ACT PLAY please!

Funny one act for sophisticated actors and audience: The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard. I've done it twice, and it's a real challenge, but a lot of fun. If you're still looking for serious one acts - I loved The Way We Live Now, a Susan Sontag short story that was turned into a play. It's very abstract and very moving. I also loved Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas, though that is a longer one act. For many years we have done a one act and a full length play, with an additional performance for the middle school and one performance created for an Advanced Acting class:

As you can see below, I've done nearly 70 shows, and I don't like to repeat myself unless I have a sufficiently good new idea. I'm currently looking for a comedy, full-length and a comedy or drama (Irish) that includes some step dancing. (I've done Dancing at Lughnasa and could do it again.) Enjoy the list!

One Acts:
Pierre Pathelin (Anonymous; medieval comedy)
Black Comedy (Shaffer; comedy - with some cuts to make it appropriate)
Antigone (Anouilh, drama)
Baby (Davidson) comedy
Real Inspector Hound (Stoppard; comedy)
The Dining Room (Gurney) (serious comedy)
Under Milk Wood (drama, but nice comedic bits and music)
Ralph Roister Doister (another medieval comedy)
The Way We Live Now (Sontag: serious - AIDS play)
Twelfth Night (Shakespeare - one act version)
Why Do We Laugh (Gregg; comedy)
The Arabian Nights (kids version, fantasy)
The Happy Journey to Camden and Trenton (Wilder - serious)
Audience (Frayn - comedy)
Much Ado About Nothing (one act-comedy-sort of)
A Child's Christmas in Wales (Thomas; serious)
Youth (Wilder; serious)
Picnic on the Battlefield (Arrabal; absurdist comedy)
The Great Labor Day Classic (Horovitz; serio-comedy)
Spoon River Anthology (Masters; serious)
April Fish (Pezzulo; comedy)
The Radio Hour (collection of radio plays-thrillers)
Shall We Join the Ladies (Barrie; mystery)
The Devil and Daniel Webster (Benet; serious)
The Real Inspector Hound (2nd time!)
The Ugly Duckling (Milne; comedy)
24 Hours a.m./24 Hours p.m. (mixture)
All in the Timing (Ives; comedy)
Sganarelle (Moliere; comedy)
10 by 10 (various; mixture)
Museum (Howe; comedy)
The Invisible Man (Radio Show; thriller)
The King Stag (Gozzi; comedy)
Star Wars Radio Drama (sci-fi)
After Juliet (MacDonald; serious)
Small Actors (Gregg; serio-comic)
The Shakespeare Project
The Trojan Woman (Euripides, trans. Rudall; serious)

The Importance of Being Earnest (Wilde; comedy)
The Rivals (Sheridan; comedy)
The Sea (Bond; comedy)
The Miracle Worker (Gibson; serious)
The Diviners (Leonard; serio-comic)
Caucasian Chalk Circle (Brecht (serious)
Working (Schwartz; musical)
The Hollow (Christie; mystery)
Playboy of the Western World (Synge; comedy/drama)
Ten November (Deitz; drama with music)
The Tempest (Shakespeare)
The Mousetrap (Christie; mystery)
Metamorphoses (Zimmerman; drama)
The Curious Savage (Patrick; serious comedy)
Pippin (Schwartz; musical)
Dancing at Lughnasa (Friel; drama)
Arsenic and Old Lace (Kesselring; comedy thriller)
The Lark (Anouilh; drama)
The Enchanted (Giradoux; comedy)
The Ash Girl (Wertenbaker; fantasy)
The Madwoman of Chaillot (Gradous; comedy; sort of)
The Odyssey (Zimmerman; epic)
It Is So...If You Think It is So (Pirandello; comedy)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (Shakespeare; with the Mendelssohn music)
Northanger Abbey (Austen; thriller/comedy)
Treasure Island (Ludwig; adventure)
Around the World in 80 Days (Brown; adventure)
Arabian Nights (Cooke; fantasy)

Elisabeth Ledwell
Falmouth MA

7.  RE:I love this forum -- need more help! FUNNY, ONE ACT PLAY please!

Hi, Susan!
I agree, I love this forum!!!  If you haven't already looked at the plays carried by Theatrefolk, Inc., I would encourage you to do so.  Lindsay Price (and others) write great ensemble pieces that work very well for both middle and high school.  Below is a list of plays from there that either our middle school or high school has produced in the past few years!  We are both big fans!!!!!

Wait Wait Bo Bait - has a two versions - one for MS and one for HS!
The Snow Show
Skid Marks: a Play About Driving
School Daze
ths phne 2.0
and soooo many others...

Also, Lindsay and Craig are great to work with!  The best part, they sell all their scripts in PDF format. You can get the script almost it!

Hope that helps!  I know you will get information from others...can't wait to learn from them as well!

Carolyn Greer
Kentucky Thespian Society
Owensboro HS Troupe #3161

8.  RE:I love this forum -- need more help! FUNNY, ONE ACT PLAY please!

There is a one act called "Competition Piece" --- I am afraid that I don't remember the author, but I did the show several years ago. It's very funny, and deals with 3 completely different schools preparing for a one act contest. And you have three "judges" commenting on their rehearsal process, and ultimately the "fast forward" version of the completed plays.  It's a lot of fun and you can use lots of kids as "extras".

Floyd Nash
Pompano Beach FL

9.  RE:I love this forum -- need more help! FUNNY, ONE ACT PLAY please!

"Competition Piece" is by John S. Wells and handled by Samuel French Inc.  Have Fun!

Floyd Nash
Pompano Beach FL

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