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1.  Managing Two Troupes

Posted Feb 06, 2014 1:09 PM
I direct two troupes in my district, one is thespian and one jr. thespian. Wondering how I can merge my profiles and manage both under one. It is a pain to have two different logins. Help! ------------------------------------------- Sean Kifer -------------------------------------------

2.  RE:Managing Two Troupes

Posted Feb 06, 2014 3:13 PM
Great question Sean. There are a number of reasons, most having to do with business and accounting rules, why troupes are maintained separately, even when the same person is the troupe director. The school "owns" the troupe and appoints the director. Typically there are two schools involved and that's the primary reason.

Even when the troupes are within the same school building, they're kept separate because the honors, recognition, and benefits are different. Online transactions like inductions, store orders and trophy orders are tied to the troupe or junior troupe record. That controls the transactions via programming. It even governs permissions to purchase Thespian or Junior Thespian honor items.

A number of people have created a second email for the additional troupe that is nearly identical to the first so it's easier to keep track of (identical names but one at gmail and one at yahoo for example). That may make the log in process a bit simpler for now.

There are about 20 of you out there in the same boat. If a solution that satisfies the business and accounting rules we're held by is found, you can bet we'll pursue it.

David LaFleche
Director Of Membership
Educational Theatre Association


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