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Jan 07, 2014 10:24 AM

Practical articles on lighting design, sound, scene painting, and more.


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Cubes: simple, versatile rehearsal furniture   270K   1 version
By Dana Taylor. An illustrated how-to. Dramatics, September 2009.
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EQ demystified: secrets of the sound booth   356K   1 version
By Andy Leviss. A simple technique for adjusting equalization. Dramatics, October 2007.
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An inspector calls: what to expect when you hire an exper...   306K   1 version
By Dana Taylor. Dramatics, September 2008.
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It was a dark and stormy night: an introduction to lighti...   615K   1 version
By Scott C. Parker. Part of a series. Dramatics, January 2009.
pdf file
Light it up: Battery-powered lanterns and candles set sce...   212K   1 version
By Chuck Meacham. An illustrated how-to. Dramatics, October 2009.
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Lights, and… go: an introduction to lighting design, part...   1.68MB   1 version
By Scott C. Parker. Part of a series. Dramatics, May 2010.
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Spring cleaning: getting your theatre ready for fall   131K   1 version
By Dana Taylor. Five things you should do every year. Dramatics, May 2008.
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Texture: a simple way to add interest and realism to scen...   240K   1 version
By Donna Wymore. How to make and apply a texturing compound to simulate a real plaster wall, cement, brick, dirt, tile, or rough barn wood. Dramatics, May 2009.
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Directing the design   660K   1 version
By Joe Deer. Creating the visual world of the play. Teaching Theatre, v20n3.
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New space   425K   1 version
By Tarin Chaplin. The process of building a school theatre. Teaching Theatre, v15n3.
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Painting the scene   433K   1 version
By Sean O’Skea. A beginner’s guide to tools and techniques. Teaching Theatre, v21n1.

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