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Clear Masks/Shields?
8 8 hours ago by Guy Barbato
Original post by Amy Rawlins
After show congratulations during Covid
0 10 hours ago by Melinda Carlson
FL/GA/AL Interested in Chitty?
0 11 hours ago by Analiese Hamm
Here’s a Using Educational Theatre in the Classroom workshop (online) – Mar. 20
0 yesterday by L.E. McCullough
Gatsby needs
1 yesterday by George Ledo
Original post by Josh Kauffman
Shows for 2 week older elementary summer camp
4 yesterday by Jasmine Bucher
Original post by Stephanie Schultze
Short One-Acts that work in a Virtual Setting?
11 2 days ago by Debra Fendrich
Original post by Joe Jackson
25th Annual Audience Participation form
3 5 days ago by Stephanie Schultze
Original post by Ken Buswell
Makeup Safety
0 6 days ago by Gene Flaharty
1 7 days ago by Laura Rizzo
Original post by Janie Sirmans
keeping make up sanitized
7 7 days ago by Arden Thomas
Almost, Maine, outdoors
3 7 days ago by Elisabeth Ledwell
Original post by Michael Bergman
Musical Production Organization
2 9 days ago by Thomas Lupfer
Original post by Naruto Menus
Trans student support
2 10 days ago by Renato Biribin
Original post by Megan Upton-Tyner
Production choices
1 11 days ago by Ginny Butsch
Original post by Debbie Corbin
Industry-recognized Professional Certifications for "Technical Theatre" Students
11 11 days ago by Brandy Snyder
Original post by Robert Waller
theater games on Zoom
12 13 days ago by Annemarie Bean
Original post by Nancy Bernhard
Virtual Internship Opportunities for High School Students
0 14 days ago by Taylor Meng
Futuristic/Space...dystopian play
2 16 days ago by David Sweet
Original post by John Rutherford
Virtual Student Playwriting Groups...?
0 18 days ago by Jonathan Dorf
Theatre Classroom Library Resources
4 19 days ago by Ken Buswell
Original post by Tammy Friend
Upcoming Professional Development
0 20 days ago by Lee Crouse
Addams Family Makeup
2 20 days ago by Andrew Fisher
Original post by Cori Bott
Join us for "Staging Culturally Conscious Theatre: These Educators Can Teach You A Thing, Or Two,"
0 20 days ago by Cristina Marie Pla-Guzman
NYU student call back-repertoire audition help
0 21 days ago by Melinda Carlson
Teaching Theatre With Expansion And Diversity In Mind - FREE Virtual Workshops
0 22 days ago by Guy Barbato
Community Sponsor/Donation Letters?
4 22 days ago by Krista Carson Elhai
Original post by Wendy Arch
Sub plans for technical theatre
3 22 days ago by George Ledo
Original post by Jon Liddiard
Building plan for Newsies Printing Press and newsie stacks
4 24 days ago by Melinda Carlson
0 25 days ago by John Litten
Free Workshop "Teaching with SAVI Cards" for Musical Theater
0 26 days ago by Charlie Gilbert
Improv Examples
3 26 days ago by Sterling Johnson
Original post by Olivia Robinette
Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella on Disney+ | #Cinderella1997
0 26 days ago by Rosemary Bucher
Sound Design Webinar
1 26 days ago by Cory Wilkerson
Original post by Mark Middlebrooks
Peter and the Starcatcher--Offensive toward Indigenous Peoples?
2 26 days ago by Raymond Palasz
Tech aptitude test
0 28 days ago by Bryan Ringsted
Staging Culturally Conscious Theatre- These educators can teach you a thing or two!
0 28 days ago by Cristina Marie Pla-Guzman
Member cost
7 29 days ago by Hans Weichhart
Original post by Diann Matheson
UPDATE from EdTA: New Membership System
2 29 days ago by Cammy Bihl
Original post by Hans Weichhart
Hofstra Shakespeare Festival 2020 - FREE online
0 29 days ago by Royston Coppenger
new inductees
5 29 days ago by Hans Weichhart
Original post by Joanna Henry
Graduation Regalia
3 29 days ago by Seth Cohen
Original post by Ana Soler
0 one month ago by Debbie Corbin
Addams family
1 one month ago by Karin Neal
Original post by Paula Flautt
NEWSIES rolling steel towers, rolling balconies for rent/purchase
0 one month ago by Bob Henrichs
Modern comedies with simple set/lighting for HS
0 one month ago by Maggie Gertz
Using the Square App for Online STO Store
0 one month ago by Stephanie Schultze
Online Facilitation Training Opportunity from Theatre for a Change
2 one month ago by Ryan Borcherding
Anyone produced the following musicals?
3 one month ago by Billy Houck
Original post by Jane Dewey
scenery projections
4 one month ago by Holly Thompson