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Backdrop for Footloose
0 5 hours ago by Melinda Carlson
Mary Poppins props
2 11 hours ago by Carmen Teague
Original post by Deborah Goodkin
Classroom Light lab
0 11 hours ago by Carmen Teague
Special Circumstance Student
8 12 hours ago by Todd Terrell
Thespian Point App
14 12 hours ago by Barbara Krantz
Original post by Chris MarkerMorse
One Acts about Love
1 13 hours ago by Shira Schwartz
Original post by Cori Bott
Musical Theatre PE Credit-California
3 13 hours ago by Summer Heartt
Original post by Merica Frost
African Ritual Theatre
0 15 hours ago by Jason Coats
Playback Theatre
3 17 hours ago by Lea Marshall
Original post by Marla Blasko
"Raise your skirts and bob your hair"
2 18 hours ago by Jeff Grove
Original post by Marla Blasko
Shuttle for International
1 yesterday by Allison Dolan
Original post by Amy Roberge
Advice before Performance
9 yesterday by Timothy Willmot
Original post by Lesleigh Valette
Anyone selling Little Mermaid waves or other props/costumes?
4 yesterday by Jamielee Jakubowski
Original post by Carla Molina
Resources for teaching mask?
1 yesterday by Stanley Allan Sherman
Original post by David Morrison
Yellow brick road in Wizard of Oz
6 2 days ago by Maria Stadtmueller
Original post by Amy Penney
Post-show blues advice
1 2 days ago by Amy MacCord
Original post by Anita Martin
Music for "John Lennon and Me"
3 2 days ago by Tracy Newell
Human-migration or refugee themed plays
5 2 days ago by Kaila Schwartz
Original post by Daniel Stowell
Dinner Theatre Shows
4 2 days ago by Ginny Butsch
Original post by Kelly Bourget
Creative Ways to Stage Traveling/Walking
3 2 days ago by Maria Stadtmueller
Original post by Steven Slaughter
Suggestions for 1-Acts for my freshmen
7 2 days ago by Jean Klein
Original post by Tracye Couture
Desperately Seeking a Dragon
7 4 days ago by Amanda Dierking
Original post by Christopher Piner
The difference between art and design
2 5 days ago by George Ledo
Haze vs Fog Machines
9 5 days ago by Toni Thomas
Original post by Kevin Goff
Mannequin skin color
11 6 days ago by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Original post by Linda Urban
Sword Fighting Play
5 7 days ago by Lisa Crew
Original post by Brent Cirves
Grassland Chant hats- Lion King Jr.
4 8 days ago by James Fry
Original post by Erika Trahan
Any experience working with stilts?
14 8 days ago by Nick Hoffa
Beauty & The Beast props
1 11 days ago by Rita McLary
Original post by Emily Caldon
Blood and Lady M
11 12 days ago by Matthew Copley
Original post by Susan Rhoden
Online Tickets
9 12 days ago by Kevin Goff
Original post by Matthew Copley
Wizard of Oz costumes
0 12 days ago by Amy Penney
The Wizard of Oz - costumes
9 12 days ago by Amy Penney
Original post by Carolyn Greer
wireless MIcrophones
7 12 days ago by Neptune Pringle
Original post by Brandiss Seward
Clue props for sale or rent
1 13 days ago by Martha Baker
Original post by Tommy Marr
Thoroughly Modern Millie
5 13 days ago by Anita Martin
Original post by Lenore Grunko
7 13 days ago by Anita Martin
Original post by Kendra Knoblock
Haze Machines and Smoke Alarms
3 14 days ago by Tammy Smith
Original post by Guy Barbato
follow spot decision
6 14 days ago by Ken Buswell
Original post by Sonja Brown
Wizard of Oz (MUNY) Cast Recording
0 14 days ago by Diana Focas
Creating a "Black Box" classroom
3 15 days ago by Kristina Cummins
0 15 days ago by Sherry Passmore
Pajama Game Knife Trick Prop
2 15 days ago by David Ellis
Original post by Dawn Tucker
School of Rock?
2 15 days ago by Angela Hillman
Original post by Paul Hill
Closed and quiet actors
4 15 days ago by Tina Tutt
Original post by Rebekah Schuster
Looking for an Oregon Group Attending ITF
0 16 days ago by Leah Findtner
Trouble with Tams Witmark?
17 16 days ago by Mark A. Zimmerman
Original post by Lisa Singleterry
Suggestion for small contemporary comedy
4 16 days ago by Shira Schwartz
Original post by Jackie Martino
Business of Show Business sites
0 16 days ago by Elisabeth Ledwell
Chopping wood
4 16 days ago by Josh Kauffman
Original post by Gail Enterline