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Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (Abridged) For Competition?
0 an hour ago by Tiffany Garner
Zombie Prom Ideas
0 3 hours ago by Janet Rhoads
Season Suggestions
2 21 hours ago by Amy Learn
Original post by Jeff Smith
senior audition monologues
0 yesterday by Kim Worth
Scholarship advice, please!
0 yesterday by Shayna Freedman
Mostly Female Character Play
10 yesterday by Charles Puetzer
Original post by Jennifer Jordan
Curriculum Maps--word version
2 2 days ago by Terrance Judson
Original post by Jo Lane
Cleaning Fire-Retardant Curtains
5 3 days ago by Gai Laing Jones
Original post by Scott Bier
Costume Inventory Database?
10 3 days ago by Nathan Shewell
Original post by Nathan Emmons
Ensemble musical
3 3 days ago by Rosalind Flynn
Original post by Deanne Stokes
Summer PD or Internships
1 3 days ago by E. Frank Bluestein
Original post by Frieda Gebert
Black Box Wish List
4 3 days ago by Michael Johnson
Original post by Scott Bier
Adaams Family school edition difference
6 3 days ago by Jill Hasselbacher
Original post by Jackie Martino
2 4 days ago by Michael Bergman
Original post by James Fry
Set Designer Questions
2 4 days ago by Jordan Fox
Do Not Audition List
16 4 days ago by Maria Stadtmueller
Original post by Kenneth Buswell
Searching for One-Act
4 5 days ago by Robert Smith
Chicago - High School Version
9 5 days ago by Becky Beth Benedict
Original post by Robyn Metchik
Show with high physicality, pantomime, movement, or puppetry
5 5 days ago by Melissa Sparks
On the hunt for a Large cast Comedy
11 5 days ago by John Perry
Original post by Tallen Olsen
Music for Curious George Musical
0 6 days ago by Jerald Bolden
Comedies for class
9 7 days ago by Meg O'Connor
Original post by Annie Rice
Independent Students Competing at Thespian Festivals
2 8 days ago by Lindsay Shields
Original post by Jessi Riese
Bring It On’s Bridget?
0 10 days ago by Paul Hill
Musical Theater Workshops at ITF
0 10 days ago by Charlie Gilbert
All Shook Up
3 11 days ago by Emily Mokrycki
Original post by Michael Stofko
QLab for Lighting?
4 11 days ago by Shaun Hennessy
Original post by John Perry
Questions about "Appropriate Audience Behavior"
5 12 days ago by Jillian Lietzau
Original post by Susan Sterman-Jones
11 13 days ago by Marc Beja
Original post by Andrea Gustafson
Pirates of Penzance
6 13 days ago by Lynn-nore Chittom
Original post by Elizabeth Nelson
Summer Musical Theater programs
1 14 days ago by Karen Moody
Original post by Frieda Gebert
5 14 days ago by Leon Kalayjian
Original post by Arden Thomas
Little Mermaid costumes for sale
1 14 days ago by Laura Steenson
Original post by Diann Matheson
Trap by Stephen Gregg
12 14 days ago by Stephen Gregg
Original post by Amber Hugus
Tech I.E. Adjudication Questions
2 15 days ago by William Eyerly
Original post by Bryan Lucchesi
New seats for black box - Company Needed
2 15 days ago by Scott Bier
Tech Support District Structure
2 15 days ago by Elizabeth Rand
Original post by Kandace McGowan
Job Posting
2 16 days ago by Kimberly Richardson
Musical Theatre Variety Performance Ideas
14 16 days ago by Madeleine Bien
Original post by Lori Duncan
Disney Performing Arts Conservatory
0 17 days ago by Thomas Schultheis
Job Opening
1 18 days ago by Ginny Butsch
Original post by Karin Stratton
Seeking Elf the Musical Rentals
2 18 days ago by Christine Izmirian
Original post by Christopher Piner
Teaching audience behavior
4 18 days ago by Ryan Moore
Lion King Costumes
2 18 days ago by Lawrence Badanai
Original post by Suzanne Craig
Big Fish
1 18 days ago by Suzanne Craig
Advocating for teaching space
5 19 days ago by Quincy DelColletti
Original post by Kristin Hall
Side coaching vs Audience Ettiquette
2 19 days ago by Christine DeFrancesco
Original post by Blake Wilson
Audrey II
1 19 days ago by Lawrence Badanai
Original post by J. Michael Beech
The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe
2 19 days ago by Valerie Scott
Original post by Melinda Carlson
Plays With Fluid and Open Staging
11 21 days ago by Kristen Hoch
Original post by Stanley Coleman