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Sondheim Project
1 an hour ago by Karin Neal
Original post by Ken Buswell
Different versions of Alice in Wonderland
5 2 hours ago by Cathy Archer
Original post by Jordanne Bradley
California indoor performance restrictions versus indoor sports restrictions
0 2 hours ago by Joseph D'Aquino
Help - Looking for a play and cannot remember the title
0 5 hours ago by Kirk Erickson
Point Sheet for Google Sheets?
2 7 hours ago by Nicole Weaver
Original post by Madison Plouvier
Happy Days a New Musical
1 7 hours ago by Karen Crispin
Original post by Melinda Carlson
One act version of Almost Maine
1 8 hours ago by K Lang
Original post by Marianne Pillsbury
thespian troupe application form
3 yesterday by Hans Weichhart
Original post by Marta Carvalho
Zimmermann's Metamorphoses
4 yesterday by Douglas Rome
Original post by Katie Alley
Anyone else having trouble with communication from Dramatists?
0 yesterday by Rick Hardenberg
The Play That Goes Wrong
5 yesterday by Lea Marshall
Original post by Marta Carvalho
Little Women Musical ensemble?
1 2 days ago by Toni Thomas
Original post by Maggie Ward
25th Annual...Bee ensemble?
4 2 days ago by Shawn Hann
Original post by Sullivan Mackintosh
Bay Street Theater's Macbeth now streaming through December 5th!
0 2 days ago by Allen O'Reilly
Little Shop - Audrey II
0 3 days ago by Karin Neal
Radium Girls - Glowing on Stage?
2 3 days ago by Maggie Ward
Original post by Leslie Kane
Funding for High School Club
3 3 days ago by CJ Breland
Original post by Brianna Alessio
The Curious Savage
11 5 days ago by Natalie Dommer
Original post by Brett Hiner
Sherlock Holmes with female leads?
3 5 days ago by Natalie Dommer
Original post by Lisa Singleterry
Theatre Class Units of Study
5 5 days ago by Natalie Dommer
Original post by Amber Hugus
5 6 days ago by Kate Lindsay
Original post by Darell Rickmers
Changing words
7 7 days ago by Chad Taylor
Original post by Suzanne Jones
Free Little Shop Plants
1 7 days ago by Julie Estrada
Original post by Donna Halpin
Sound Equipment Purchasing
5 8 days ago by Amy Williams
EdTA conference
1 8 days ago by Melissa Mintzer
Original post by Marta Carvalho
Musical Director - what's the minimum time?
0 8 days ago by Kristin Hall
Pantomime Holiday Performance Ideas (Middle School)
1 9 days ago by Amy MacCord
Original post by Christina Vincent
1 9 days ago by Brooklyn Chalfant
Original post by James McCulloch
Mary Poppins - Double or Triple Casting
4 9 days ago by Arlene Hutton
Original post by Jennifer Jordan
Teacher evaluation based on play performance
5 9 days ago by CJ Breland
Original post by Sonja Brown
Elementary School Production: How to do it?
0 11 days ago by Sean Graham
Help Needed from Anyone Who Teaches and Knows Poetry
2 12 days ago by Annemarie Bean
Original post by Stanley Coleman
Mary Poppins Props for rent
1 12 days ago by Jennifer Jordan
Original post by Thom Babbes
"Men On Boats" Boats for Rent
0 12 days ago by Jennifer Jordan
Charlie Brown Set, Props & Costumes for Sale
0 12 days ago by Christopher Howard
Brass seat number tags
0 12 days ago by Paul Hope
Renting Props for Annie
2 13 days ago by Kenneth Robinson
Original post by Amy Williams
Technical Production Specialist Job Opening- Toms River, NJ
0 14 days ago by Joseph Puliafico
3 14 days ago by Jasmine Bucher
Original post by Melinda Carlson
Grease: expanded orchestration?
0 14 days ago by Tiffany Daily
Romeo & Juliet
3 14 days ago by Rob Duval
Original post by Rita McLary
Heather's HIGH SCHOOL Edition
1 14 days ago by Janet Van Wess
Original post by Melinda Carlson
Legally Blonde Dogs
3 15 days ago by Marla Blasko
Original post by Kate Willers
Scrim & Projector
6 15 days ago by Christopher Hamilton
Original post by Cynthia Scherer
Reminder - Free Self Care for Educators Thursday at 5pm EST!
0 15 days ago by Alanna Hammesfahr
Noises off worksheets/handouts
1 16 days ago by Ginny Butsch
Original post by Amy Chagnon
Induction Invitations?
4 16 days ago by Taylor Davis
Original post by Scott Hayward
Reminder - Authenticity in the Creative Classroom workshop Tuesday at 5pm EST (no fee)!
0 16 days ago by Alanna Hammesfahr
Repeating a Past Show-How Soon is Too Soon?
9 16 days ago by Robert Smith
Original post by K Lang
Thespian troupe - how to excite students!
6 16 days ago by Marta Carvalho