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news broadcast ideas
11 an hour ago by Damian Grzeskowiak
Original post by Marta Carvalho
Video-friendly musicals
0 13 hours ago by Michael Bergman
Virtual Festival issues
4 17 hours ago by Michael McDonough
Original post by Bruce Taws
finding canned music for musicals
0 19 hours ago by Chris Fallows
Working with a Co-Director
11 23 hours ago by Astrid Maurer-Evans
Original post by Wendy Arch
Google Meet for Performance
12 yesterday by Jason Coats
Original post by Leslie Kane
Festival 2021 and Adjudications
6 yesterday by Allison Dolan
Original post by Crit Fisher
Greek Plays: Ideas?
11 3 days ago by Sean Baldwin
Original post by Jennifer Gunther
Antigone in Ferguson
1 4 days ago by Sean Baldwin
Original post by Teri Turner
GOSPEL AT COLONUS Audio Band Tracks for Performance
0 4 days ago by Sean Baldwin
Video Production
1 4 days ago by David Simpson
Original post by Jason Huffman
"You Are Not The Hot Dog"
0 5 days ago by Cori Bott
Mexican American plays
7 5 days ago by Roxanne Schroeder-Arce
Original post by Joseph Luna
Good Scenes in Spanish?
7 5 days ago by Roxanne Schroeder-Arce
Original post by Julia Wharton
Earnest cuttings?
2 6 days ago by Rebecca Black
COVID precautions detracting from artistic expression
4 6 days ago by Rob Duval
Original post by Marie Miguel
Post-covid theatre
3 6 days ago by Suzanne Craig
Original post by James Van Leishout
Hybrid rehearsals
1 7 days ago by Crit Fisher
Original post by Cathy Archer
Grants Available
3 7 days ago by Sonja Brown
Original post by Trevor Yarbrough
Need help finding quote
0 8 days ago by James Van Leishout
The Sound of Music
4 9 days ago by Catherine Nelson
Original post by Michael Limone
Thoughts for next season
97 11 days ago by Shanda Bonn
Original post by John Conners
ITF performances
1 11 days ago by Ginny Butsch
Original post by Amy Sando
Once on This Island – Casting Breakdown
1 12 days ago by Myndee Washington
Original post by Steven Slaughter
Streaming In the Heights
4 12 days ago by Dewey Oriente
Original post by Rob Duval
Looking for Playwriting Workshop Presenter
2 12 days ago by Kelly Thomas
Original post by Julianna Krawiecki
Where to purchase a new backdrop
6 13 days ago by Michael Johnson
Original post by Theresa Velazquez
Othello Adaptation for teens
0 13 days ago by Kathleen Woods
Contemporary plays for Asian Indian actors?
7 14 days ago by Karen Ruth
Play You Think Should Exist
14 15 days ago by Larry Little
Original post by Sarah Keene
4 15 days ago by Kelly King
Original post by Rosemary Bucher
Glowing Eyes Effect for TRAP
21 15 days ago by Ernesto Manzano
Original post by Charles Clute
Alone, Together
0 15 days ago by K Lang
College Tech/Production Programs
4 17 days ago by Tracy Nunnally
Original post by Lindsay Brustein
Need a Virtual Show Idea
1 18 days ago by Ginny Butsch
Original post by K Lang
Monologue plays
0 18 days ago by Elisabeth Ledwell
'Night Mother - missing pages
2 19 days ago by Ann Hileman
Resource for plays written by diverse playwrights
0 19 days ago by Linda Apperson
How to prep students for virtual college theatre auditions and recommendations for physical theatre
12 20 days ago by Christina Vincent
Virtual Teaching Opportunites
0 20 days ago by Christopher Cavallo
Director of Fine and Performing Arts position
0 21 days ago by Damian Grzeskowiak
Digital Playbill Ideas
1 21 days ago by Rosemary Bucher
Original post by Kristen Hoch
Seeking Assistance to Survey High School Educators and Students
0 21 days ago by David Coffman
Monologues from Shakespearean Comedies
2 21 days ago by Rob Duval
Original post by Laura Gilbert
Virtual Performance HELP!
1 21 days ago by David Simpson
Original post by Jennifer Gunther
Seeking Physical Comedy Moments For Women (ex: Cartoon bird tweets after a head bonk)
15 23 days ago by Bessie Deville
Original post by Martha Doll
Looking for Royalty Free Christmas Music and Instrumental backing tracks
1 23 days ago by Michael McDonough
Original post by Andrea Johnston
Florida Association for Theatre Education
0 23 days ago by Taylor Horne
Creating Theatre Ed Productivity Software!
0 24 days ago by Robbie Steiner
Lessons with the Music Director of WICKED on Broadway
0 25 days ago by Dan Micciche