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Short One-Acts that work in a Virtual Setting?
9 43 minutes ago by Kristen Severino
Original post by Joe Jackson
25th Annual Audience Participation form
2 3 hours ago by Ken Buswell
Shows for 2 week older elementary summer camp
0 4 hours ago by Stephanie Schultze
Makeup Safety
0 yesterday by Gene Flaharty
1 2 days ago by Laura Rizzo
Original post by Janie Sirmans
keeping make up sanitized
7 2 days ago by Arden Thomas
Almost, Maine, outdoors
3 2 days ago by Elisabeth Ledwell
Original post by Michael Bergman
Musical Production Organization
2 4 days ago by Thomas Lupfer
Original post by Naruto Menus
Trans student support
2 5 days ago by Renato Biribin
Original post by Megan Upton-Tyner
Production choices
1 6 days ago by Ginny Butsch
Original post by Debbie Corbin
Industry-recognized Professional Certifications for "Technical Theatre" Students
11 6 days ago by Brandy Snyder
Original post by Robert Waller
theater games on Zoom
12 8 days ago by Annemarie Bean
Original post by Nancy Bernhard
Virtual Internship Opportunities for High School Students
0 8 days ago by Taylor Meng
Futuristic/Space...dystopian play
2 11 days ago by David Sweet
Original post by John Rutherford
Virtual Student Playwriting Groups...?
0 12 days ago by Jonathan Dorf
Theatre Classroom Library Resources
4 14 days ago by Ken Buswell
Original post by Tammy Friend
Upcoming Professional Development
0 14 days ago by Lee Crouse
Addams Family Makeup
2 15 days ago by Andrew Fisher
Original post by Cori Bott
Join us for "Staging Culturally Conscious Theatre: These Educators Can Teach You A Thing, Or Two,"
0 15 days ago by Cristina Marie Pla-Guzman
NYU student call back-repertoire audition help
0 16 days ago by Melinda Carlson
Teaching Theatre With Expansion And Diversity In Mind - FREE Virtual Workshops
0 16 days ago by Guy Barbato
Community Sponsor/Donation Letters?
4 16 days ago by Krista Carson Elhai
Original post by Wendy Arch
Sub plans for technical theatre
3 17 days ago by George Ledo
Original post by Jon Liddiard
Building plan for Newsies Printing Press and newsie stacks
4 19 days ago by Melinda Carlson
0 19 days ago by John Litten
Free Workshop "Teaching with SAVI Cards" for Musical Theater
0 21 days ago by Charlie Gilbert
Improv Examples
3 21 days ago by Sterling Johnson
Original post by Olivia Robinette
Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella on Disney+ | #Cinderella1997
0 21 days ago by Rosemary Bucher
Sound Design Webinar
1 21 days ago by Cory Wilkerson
Original post by Mark Middlebrooks
Peter and the Starcatcher--Offensive toward Indigenous Peoples?
2 21 days ago by Raymond Palasz
Tech aptitude test
0 22 days ago by Bryan Ringsted
Staging Culturally Conscious Theatre- These educators can teach you a thing or two!
0 23 days ago by Cristina Marie Pla-Guzman
Member cost
7 23 days ago by Hans Weichhart
Original post by Diann Matheson
UPDATE from EdTA: New Membership System
2 23 days ago by Cammy Bihl
Original post by Hans Weichhart
Hofstra Shakespeare Festival 2020 - FREE online
0 23 days ago by Royston Coppenger
new inductees
5 24 days ago by Hans Weichhart
Original post by Joanna Henry
Graduation Regalia
3 24 days ago by Seth Cohen
Original post by Ana Soler
0 25 days ago by Debbie Corbin
Addams family
1 25 days ago by Karin Neal
Original post by Paula Flautt
NEWSIES rolling steel towers, rolling balconies for rent/purchase
0 27 days ago by Bob Henrichs
Modern comedies with simple set/lighting for HS
0 27 days ago by Maggie Gertz
Using the Square App for Online STO Store
0 27 days ago by Stephanie Schultze
Online Facilitation Training Opportunity from Theatre for a Change
2 27 days ago by Ryan Borcherding
Anyone produced the following musicals?
3 27 days ago by Billy Houck
Original post by Jane Dewey
scenery projections
4 28 days ago by Holly Thompson
Rights You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
2 28 days ago by Rosemary Bucher
Original post by Amy Luskey-Barth
Games to play during my Theatre History Unit
10 28 days ago by Natasha Cosme Batista
Theatre Lesson for Black History Month
6 28 days ago by Natasha Cosme Batista
MTI Streaming
2 29 days ago by Suzanne Safran
Original post by David Olson
Creating a themed musical?
1 29 days ago by WT McRae
Original post by Weaseley1 Weaseley1