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Music for Curious George Musical
0 2 hours ago by Jerald Bolden
On the hunt for a Large cast Comedy
10 3 hours ago by Tallen Olsen
Comedies for class
9 5 hours ago by Meg O'Connor
Original post by Annie Rice
Show with high physicality, pantomime, movement, or puppetry
3 9 hours ago by Aileen Zeigler
Original post by Melissa Sparks
Chicago - High School Version
7 yesterday by William Myatt
Original post by Robyn Metchik
Independent Students Competing at Thespian Festivals
2 2 days ago by Lindsay Shields
Original post by Jessi Riese
Mostly Female Character Play
5 2 days ago by Susan Nieten
Original post by Jennifer Jordan
Bring It On’s Bridget?
0 3 days ago by Paul Hill
Musical Theater Workshops at ITF
0 4 days ago by Charlie Gilbert
All Shook Up
3 4 days ago by Emily Mokrycki
Original post by Michael Stofko
QLab for Lighting?
4 5 days ago by Shaun Hennessy
Original post by John Perry
Questions about "Appropriate Audience Behavior"
5 5 days ago by Jillian Lietzau
Original post by Susan Sterman-Jones
11 6 days ago by Marc Beja
Original post by Andrea Gustafson
Pirates of Penzance
6 6 days ago by Lynn-nore Chittom
Original post by Elizabeth Nelson
Ensemble musical
2 7 days ago by Eric McNaughton
Original post by Deanne Stokes
Summer Musical Theater programs
1 7 days ago by Karen Moody
Original post by Frieda Gebert
5 8 days ago by Leon Kalayjian
Original post by Arden Thomas
Little Mermaid costumes for sale
1 8 days ago by Laura Steenson
Original post by Diann Matheson
Trap by Stephen Gregg
12 8 days ago by Stephen Gregg
Original post by Amber Hugus
Tech I.E. Adjudication Questions
2 8 days ago by William Eyerly
Original post by Bryan Lucchesi
New seats for black box - Company Needed
2 8 days ago by Scott Bier
Tech Support District Structure
2 9 days ago by Elizabeth Rand
Original post by Kandace McGowan
Job Posting
2 10 days ago by Kimberly Richardson
Musical Theatre Variety Performance Ideas
14 10 days ago by Madeleine Bien
Original post by Lori Duncan
Disney Performing Arts Conservatory
0 11 days ago by Thomas Schultheis
Job Opening
1 11 days ago by Ginny Butsch
Original post by Karin Stratton
Seeking Elf the Musical Rentals
2 11 days ago by Christine Izmirian
Original post by Christopher Piner
Teaching audience behavior
4 11 days ago by Ryan Moore
Lion King Costumes
2 11 days ago by Lawrence Badanai
Original post by Suzanne Craig
Big Fish
1 12 days ago by Suzanne Craig
Advocating for teaching space
5 12 days ago by Quincy DelColletti
Original post by Kristin Hall
Side coaching vs Audience Ettiquette
2 12 days ago by Christine DeFrancesco
Original post by Blake Wilson
Audrey II
1 12 days ago by Lawrence Badanai
Original post by J. Michael Beech
The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe
2 13 days ago by Valerie Scott
Original post by Melinda Carlson
Plays With Fluid and Open Staging
11 14 days ago by Kristen Hoch
Original post by Stanley Coleman
9 to 5 Xerox Copier
0 14 days ago by Duane Siewert
Horse heads and tales for Cinderella
6 15 days ago by Maria Palassis
Original post by Melinda Carlson
Feedback from high school colleagues
20 15 days ago by Erich Friend
Original post by Amy Sando
Adjunct Tecnical theatre position
3 15 days ago by Ginny Butsch
Original post by Scott Keys
Bring it On: The Musical
9 16 days ago by Summer Heartt
Jimmy Awards - Livestream at ITF
1 16 days ago by Megan Weeks
college auditions
2 16 days ago by John Friedenberg
Original post by Christopher Engler
Hairspray vs. Beauty and the Beast vs. Mary Poppins
6 16 days ago by Josh Ruben
Original post by Kenneth Buswell
Searching for Musical
3 17 days ago by Patti Veconi
Original post by Brodie Nicholl
Salaries in theatre vs. in other fields
9 18 days ago by Elizabeth Rand
Original post by George Ledo
Drowsy Chaperone
3 18 days ago by Maria Palassis
Original post by Rob Duval
Audrey II puppets & Dentist chair for sale or rent
0 18 days ago by Katherine Lowther
Audrey II
3 18 days ago by Katelyn Lick
Original post by J. Michael Beech
6 18 days ago by Cory Wilkerson
Original post by Shirlee Idzakovich
Rehearsal tracks for music rehearsals
2 19 days ago by Lawrence Badanai
Original post by Heath Lagrone