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Looking for Designers/ Choreographers in the DC area
0 2 hours ago by Luc Hotaling
Curtains the Musical--Offensive?
6 2 hours ago by Luc Hotaling
Original post by Lily McGill
Social Issues on Stage
20 2 hours ago by Luc Hotaling
Original post by Ed Koffenberger
Online Monologues to Show?
0 7 hours ago by Kimberly Taylor
Help me decide!!
6 8 hours ago by Maria Stadtmueller
Original post by Patti Veconi
Lion King HS
8 yesterday by Veronica Stephenson
Original post by Erika Trahan
Trigger warning in class
4 2 days ago by James Stone
Original post by Gordon Hensley
Carousel? Anybody?
9 2 days ago by Roger Paolini
Original post by James Stone
Play reading/scene study
9 2 days ago by Joe Salvatore
Original post by Jolaine Orlin
Thoroughly Modern Millie
1 2 days ago by Jeff Grove
Original post by Lenore Grunko
Into the Woods Ensemble
5 3 days ago by Jennifer Avery
Original post by Sara Giambalvo
Matilda's chocolate cake
0 3 days ago by Robert Forbes
Frozen Jr.
1 3 days ago by Josh Kauffman
Original post by Sara Reuschel
Into the Woods Ensemble
2 3 days ago by Alice Hilt
Original post by Sara Giambalvo
Once on this Island
1 3 days ago by Jeffrey Hudkins
Original post by Candice Corcoran
Crash Course Theater Worksheets?
12 3 days ago by Linda Urban
Original post by John Monteverde
Best program for playing sound cues, music, etc.
8 3 days ago by Neptune Pringle
Original post by Kenneth Gibson
9 to 5 Xerox Copier
1 4 days ago by Duane Siewert
Make Up Recommendations
4 4 days ago by Shira Schwartz
Original post by Megan Upton-Tyner
Christmas Carol - Staged Reading/Radio Show
3 4 days ago by Erik Stein
Original post by Brett Buffum
Anything Goes
2 4 days ago by Maria Palassis
Original post by Cynthia Scherer
Coal Dust for "Digging Up The Boys"
2 4 days ago by Christina Iman
Original post by David Sweet
Free Little Shop Plants
1 4 days ago by Jennifer Stover
Original post by Ellen O'Reilly-LaSalle
True Running Time of Addams Family Young at Part
1 5 days ago by Jim Hoare
Original post by Analiese Hamm
NYC Broadway Class & Trip Package
9 5 days ago by Laura Rizzo
Gathering Budget Data
0 5 days ago by Dawn Lichty
Reclining Chair - Almost, Maine
7 6 days ago by C. J. Breland
Original post by Matthew Fauls-Rivas
When Shows Require Diversity but the School is Not Diverse
27 6 days ago by Janette Clark
Original post by Jared Grigsby
Student Body by Frank Winters
2 6 days ago by Ken Buswell
Shrek Jr. Costumes
0 6 days ago by Kevin Welsh
Reba R. Robertson Award to a Public High School Theatre Teacher
0 7 days ago by Jo Beth Gonzalez
Trick or Treat So Kids Can Eat
2 9 days ago by Ginny Butsch
Original post by Krystina Thiel
light and sound technology
10 9 days ago by Joseph Gels
Original post by Karen Fairbank
The Club Scene in IN THE HEIGHTS
1 9 days ago by Savanna Heffner
Original post by Annemarie Bean
Thespian points for pit orchestra?
2 9 days ago by Melissa Mintzer
Original post by Lindsay McAloney
Non-Disney Beauty and the Beast
2 10 days ago by Michael McDonough
Original post by Elisabeth Ledwell
Peter Sklar
3 10 days ago by Tina Miller
Radium Glow...Help?
3 10 days ago by Briana Navarro
Original post by Minette Perez
Mirrors and Windows
0 10 days ago by Katie Gonring
19 10 days ago by Lisa Coy
Original post by Marcie Berglund
Light Up Wizard Wands
15 10 days ago by Lisa Coy
Original post by Derek Pickens
Books on Directing/Theatre
13 10 days ago by Lisa Coy
Original post by K Lang
Large Group Games/Improv?
9 10 days ago by Lisa Coy
Original post by Joe Jackson
7 10 days ago by Lisa Coy
Original post by Janie Sirmans
Facial expression exercises for a large "non-theatre" group
1 12 days ago by Valerie Farschman
Original post by Thomas Davis
Anti-Bullying/School Violence Skits
7 13 days ago by Sonja Brown
Original post by Chris Wollman
Advice welcome on design for a new school
3 13 days ago by Don Keith
Original post by Ryan Moore
Question re:
1 13 days ago by Nancy Moran
Original post by Elizabeth Wotherspoon
Anyone need nest or eggs?
0 13 days ago by Maria Palassis
Cost for Guest Artists
8 13 days ago by Tim Mooney
Original post by Charles Clute