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Video Editing Software
13 an hour ago by Paula Gor
Original post by Kristen Bishoff
Halloween Play recommendations
15 2 hours ago by Paula Gor
Original post by Chad Fisk
Clue HS Edition Script vs Clue on Stage Script
3 2 hours ago by Amy Allen Cano
Original post by Michael Olender
Quick commedia unit?
5 3 hours ago by Toni Thomas
Original post by Nick Hoffa
1 4 hours ago by Andrew Simon
Original post by Marta Carvalho
ISO Beauty Shop Chairs
1 6 hours ago by Jerry Onik
Original post by Sarah Wahlen
Renewal Membership Invoice
2 7 hours ago by Toni Thomas
Original post by Crystal Hill
Thespians meeting
1 23 hours ago by CJ Breland
Original post by Kelly Ziegler
Short throw projector for stage
5 yesterday by Michael Johnson
Original post by Sonja Brown
Use of Technology
4 yesterday by David Simpson
Original post by Charles Puetzer
What do you do in a Thespians meeting?
6 yesterday by Kristen Bishoff
Original post by Kevin Brown
Sr. Thespian District Festival
0 yesterday by Kelly Ziegler
Is it possible to teach beginning drama and level 2 drama in the same room simultaneously?
7 yesterday by Erin Philyaw
Online Workshop with Playwright Ken Ludwig
0 4 days ago by James Bailey
Community Building Show
2 5 days ago by Summer Rickman
Advocacy resources
1 5 days ago by Hans Weichhart
Original post by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Need a Large Ensemble Comedy or Comedy/Drama with some literary merit
3 6 days ago by Robert Laconi
Original post by K Lang
Contemporary Radio Plays or Scenes
4 6 days ago by Jillian Lietzau
Original post by Ellie McIvor-Baker
Haunted House Project
10 6 days ago by Lauri Quick
Original post by Benjamin Stuart
A Christmas Story props list?
0 6 days ago by Eric Rohde
Dramatists contact
1 6 days ago by Stefanie Plumley
Original post by Rick Dorn
New Discovery in Projection Surfaces!
0 7 days ago by Analiese Hamm
Big Fish The Musical
4 8 days ago by Kenneth Robinson
Original post by Toni Thomas
Jr. Thespians transition to high school
2 8 days ago by Matt Curtis
Original post by William Palmer
An Invitation to EdTA Emeritus and potential Emeritus members to Give Back to our Association
0 11 days ago by Gai Laing Jones
Clear Masks/Shields?
17 11 days ago by William Eyerly
Original post by Amy Rawlins
Documentation of the WHY?!?!?
2 12 days ago by Elizabeth Young
Original post by Mary Jones
3 12 days ago by CJ Breland
Original post by Ginnie Bullis
Helping an ADHD Student in Theatre Class
2 12 days ago by CJ Breland
Original post by Russell Saxton
Looking for a one act
2 14 days ago by Maria Stadtmueller
Original post by Cathy Archer
Remembrance Readings: WWII - Present
2 17 days ago by CJ Breland
Original post by Charles Davis
Small Class
9 17 days ago by Samantha McCarthy-Lurie
Original post by Cheri Addison
Little Shop of Horrors plants for sale?
0 17 days ago by Pierre Brault
Small Projection Screen Help
2 18 days ago by Michael Johnson
Original post by Analiese Hamm
"Feel Good" Show
10 18 days ago by Cathy Archer
Original post by Sarah Gerling
Yearly dues
6 18 days ago by Holly Thompson
Tax forms for individual troupes?
3 19 days ago by Jennifer State
Question on cuttings for one acts
4 19 days ago by Mattie Henley
New Theatre Seats
2 20 days ago by Michael Johnson
Original post by Amy Crane
Makeup looking "odd" under LED stage lighting?
3 20 days ago by Josh Kauffman
Original post by Julie Hanisch
Looking for good three-character scenes
12 20 days ago by Dorinda Davis
Original post by Michael Bergman
Newsies Props available. Printing Press, Gates and More
0 21 days ago by Phillip Anderson
Cut of A Midsummer Night’s Dream
6 21 days ago by Kevin Long
Original post by Jordan Fox
0 21 days ago by Sonja Brown
Audrey II Puppets For Rent (located in Kansas City)
0 22 days ago by Kelly Michale
Audrey 2 rental
0 22 days ago by Donna Halpin
11 23 days ago by Steve Halper
Original post by Elisabeth Ledwell
5-person one-act, drama
0 23 days ago by Andrea Rassler
Technical Theatre curriculum
1 25 days ago by Jo Lane
Original post by Amy Chagnon
One act version of 12 Angry Men
2 25 days ago by Jennifer Harry
Original post by Marianne Pillsbury