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Accompaniment tracks during set changes
1 an hour ago by Charles Jabour
Original post by Sara Giambalvo
favorite end of year activity
3 12 hours ago by Kenneth Buswell
Original post by Erika Trahan
In The Heights with race blind casting?
7 14 hours ago by Marla Blasko
Original post by Joseph Gels
Imaginary: A New Musical
10 15 hours ago by Steven Slaughter
Short/Contest Scottish Play
0 19 hours ago by Jeffrey Hudkins
Small Cast Musicals
3 20 hours ago by James Van Leishout
Original post by Lisa Crew
Peter Sklar's Beginning's Workshop NYC
0 21 hours ago by Toni Thomas
Jane Austen
15 yesterday by Megan Weeks
Original post by Steven Slaughter
Almost, Maine 2018 edition
2 yesterday by Josie Tierney-Fife
Original post by Holly Thompson
Disadvantage of JR shows?
13 yesterday by Kenneth Robinson
Original post by Analiese Hamm
Small Cast Drama
2 yesterday by Shira Schwartz
Original post by Jolaine Orlin
Educational Theatre Masters Program
32 yesterday by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Original post by Grae Greer
Survey of school previews
15 yesterday by C. J. Breland
Original post by Kenneth Smith
Musicals with only 1 or 2 males
6 yesterday by Dianne Rowe
Original post by Bruce Udell
Spamalot Costumes?
0 yesterday by Joseph Gels
Curious Incident
10 2 days ago by Douglas Erwin
Original post by Rob Duval
Plays in the horror genre (for high school)
9 2 days ago by Wende Wolfe-Perez
Original post by Michael Rozell
Grease School Version
3 2 days ago by Ann Hileman
Student Body by Frank Winters
0 2 days ago by Kenneth Buswell
Theatre Camp Opportunities in Atlanta this Summer
4 2 days ago by Valerie Scott
Original post by Ginny Schreiber
Element Lightboard Basics opportunity
1 3 days ago by Tracy Friswell-Jacobs
Original post by Elizabeth Rand
Sister Act
8 3 days ago by Bruce Udell
Original post by Cathy Archer
Theatre books
4 3 days ago by Teri Turner
Kids Shows
4 3 days ago by Dianne Rowe
Original post by Casey Worley
Thoroughly Modern Millie
0 3 days ago by Lenore Grunko
Lettering For Theatre In High School
5 4 days ago by Beth Keith
Original post by Karin Neal
PCPA Technical Theatre Conservatory Open House
0 5 days ago by Erik Stein
PCPA Technical Theatre Open House
0 5 days ago by Erik Stein
Calling all Georgia Theatre teachers
4 5 days ago by Keith Rollins
Original post by Analiese Hamm
Suggestions for a full length straight play with ...
9 5 days ago by Colleen Mylott
Original post by Lenore Grunko
Searching for jukebox musical
3 5 days ago by Jodi Disario
Original post by Carrie Howell
Musical Stipend
6 5 days ago by Kenneth Smith
Original post by Mark Stonebarger
Elementary Theatre
10 6 days ago by Gai Laing Jones
Original post by Sheila Clouse
California Theatre Credential?
2 6 days ago by Billy Houck
Original post by Alison Galvin
heads up on BusBank limited hours for ITF
0 7 days ago by Jonathan Dorf
Call for Thespian Production Photos
0 7 days ago by Christa Skiles
One-Act 'Midsummer'
6 8 days ago by Blair Cromwell
Original post by Andrea Rassler
Express Lightboard Basics opportunity
0 8 days ago by Elizabeth Rand
How to make a step ladder into a tree?
4 8 days ago by Michael Johnson
Original post by Stacey Shanahan
Finding Neverland
5 8 days ago by Deanne Stokes
Original post by Summer Rickman
ITF Registration Panic
2 8 days ago by Emily Mokrycki
Original post by Kathleen Pennyway
Musical set in Greece
5 8 days ago by Jeff Grove
Original post by Myndee Washington
Suggestions Needed
2 8 days ago by Donna Kaz
Original post by Gai Laing Jones
Alice @ Wonderland by Jonathan Yurick
0 9 days ago by Arden Thomas
Success rate of the ITF College Auditions
1 9 days ago by Rebecca Wren
Original post by Chiara Power
Student board application
2 9 days ago by Shira Schwartz
Original post by Melissa Carroll-Jackson
Why no AP theatre courses?
7 9 days ago by Walter Braem
Original post by Joel King
Growing Pains
1 10 days ago by Ginny Butsch
Original post by Jeana Whitaker
Large cast, female heavy musical suggestions
10 11 days ago by Nancy Bernhard
Original post by John Rowe
Simple "Light Lab"
0 11 days ago by Ashley Bishop