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Socially Distanced Plays
2 4 hours ago by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Original post by Laura Russo
Thinking beyond porting theatre to Zoom
23 6 hours ago by Josh Ruben
Original post by Steven Slaughter
Favorite Greek shows?
11 20 hours ago by Nancy Bernhard
Original post by Nick Hoffa
Free Webinar to Introduce Online Resources
4 23 hours ago by Jeff Hall
Alternatives to Zoom and Google for BREAK out Rooms
7 yesterday by Kathleen Tissot
Original post by Nancy Gibson
Thespian club meetings/activities etc.
2 2 days ago by Tracy Herber
Original post by Sonja Brown
Virtual Theatre Project
9 2 days ago by Christina Vincent
Original post by Frieda Gebert
Flim and theater monologue collections
0 2 days ago by Bryan Ringsted
Equity Outreach Presentions
0 2 days ago by Krista Carson Elhai
Zoom Icebreakers
8 2 days ago by Joan MacLean
Original post by Jennifer Jordan
A Note to Publishing Companies
31 2 days ago by Maria Stadtmueller
Original post by Tim Buchheit
Thoughts for next season
88 3 days ago by Larry Little
Original post by John Conners
Drama Anthology + theatre history textbook
0 4 days ago by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
new play - free - zoom-able??
6 4 days ago by Leigha Nix
Original post by Daniel Stowell
Trucks and Set Builds
9 4 days ago by Kenneth Robinson
Original post by Paul Hill
Festival 2021 and Adjudications
1 4 days ago by Jim Curtis
Original post by Crit Fisher
Wig Cabinet
3 4 days ago by George Ledo
Original post by Crit Fisher
Improv/Acting: Need A Zoom Guest Speaker/Instructor? CsZ Shows!
35 5 days ago by BJ Lange
Workshop for Improv/Theatre Games on Zoom
1 5 days ago by Grace Stanton
Original post by James Bailey
Best Murder Mystery Plays
11 5 days ago by Stephanie Clussman
Original post by Jim Butz
Socially Distanced teaching with little kids
4 5 days ago by Andrew Axel
Original post by Patti Veconi
Improv/Theatre Games on Zoom Workshop
0 5 days ago by James Bailey
distance learning
3 6 days ago by Cory Wilkerson
Original post by Amy Sando
Resources on Mid-Atlantic accent?
3 6 days ago by Jason Peck
Original post by Leo Mahler
3 7 days ago by Rosemary Bucher
Original post by Patrick McGuire
Radio Show
12 7 days ago by Benjamin Cossitor
Original post by Julie Malloy
Live streaming - technical advice
3 9 days ago by Maria Stadtmueller
Original post by Joel Brown
Sanitizing Microphones
3 10 days ago by Rod Reilly
Original post by Elisabeth Ledwell
Lindsay Price "Scenes from a Quarantine"
1 10 days ago by Daniel Stowell
Original post by Janet Borrus
"The Line"
0 11 days ago by Jason Peck
"Trap" as video -- this Saturday night June 13
7 11 days ago by Maria Stadtmueller
Original post by Cora Turlish
Crush by Stephen Gregg
5 13 days ago by Maria Stadtmueller
Original post by Nathan Rosen
Fantastic Programs for Distance Learning with PROJECTS WITH JASON
0 13 days ago by Betsy Bishop
Musical Virtual Staged Reading!
0 14 days ago by Kelly Bidstrup Graham
Black Theatre Week
0 15 days ago by Krista Carson Elhai
Zoom Performance ideas
0 16 days ago by Valerie Scott
High school curriculum for online/hybrid learning
3 16 days ago by Amy Sando
Original post by Shanda Bonn
Back Issues?
0 17 days ago by Trina Simon
Distant Learning Theatre Games
5 18 days ago by Gai Laing Jones
Original post by Ted Curry
Using Zoom
4 19 days ago by Maria Stadtmueller
Original post by Jean Klein
Platforms for Pay Virtual Performance
4 20 days ago by Kevin Schneider
Original post by Alyssa Curry
Greek Play, Updated
11 20 days ago by Nicholas Osenberg
Original post by Barb Lachman
Drama Online vs. Digital Theatre Plus?
5 20 days ago by Margaret Cabrera-Hudgins
Original post by Nathan Emmons
Suggestions for a lavalier microphone for teaching remotely
0 20 days ago by Margaret Cabrera-Hudgins
Black Stories/Social Justice Devising Material
7 21 days ago by Frieda Gebert
Original post by Drew Whitley
Technical Theatre and Social Distancing
4 22 days ago by George Ledo
Original post by Anna Giannini
Radio Plays and Zoom Greek
0 23 days ago by John Perry
Social Distance in the Acting Classroom
7 24 days ago by Jennifer Jordan
Original post by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Virtual programs
6 24 days ago by Rodney James
Original post by Jodi Disario
Just released
1 24 days ago by Christopher Hamilton
Original post by Mark Zortman