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Ghost the Musical
4 2 hours ago by Maria Stadtmueller
Original post by Charles Puetzer
Approved Publishers
0 9 hours ago by Toni Thomas
Reading Scripts in Class
5 12 hours ago by Tina Tutt
Original post by Ken Buswell
Set, prop, and costume rentals in New England
2 13 hours ago by Carla Molina
The Book of Everything
1 14 hours ago by Jessica Harms
Original post by Alana Sane
Wireless Headsets
3 15 hours ago by Brian Bozanich
Original post by Andrew Fisher
Spring play ideas for large cast?
0 yesterday by Shannon Patalano
essays, articles, books chapters - Contemporary US Theater
1 yesterday by Arden Thomas
Newsies props
4 yesterday by WENDY STACY
Fall show - Comedy
8 yesterday by James Fry
Original post by Lindsay McAloney
4 3 days ago by Mark Dobbs
Education/Student Theatre Director Position Opening
1 3 days ago by Sara Reuschel
Searching for MONOLOGUE PLAY
16 3 days ago by Teresa Wallace-Gunning
Original post by Becky Beth Benedict
Creating your own work
6 4 days ago by Ken Buswell
Original post by KRISTI Jacobs-Stanley
Need short articles on theatre artists
2 4 days ago by Sonja Brown
royalty-free, participatory play on what we ask of leaders available for school/community production between now and 2020 election
0 5 days ago by Amy Jensen
7 5 days ago by Kelly Thomas
Original post by Jana Petersdorf
A Thespian in Good Standing advice
6 5 days ago by C. J. Breland
Original post by Marla Blasko
Main Stage Requirements for 2020
2 6 days ago by Chiara Power
These Shining Lives vs Radium Girls
8 6 days ago by Candice Corcoran
Original post by Sarah Wahlen
Name of One Act
2 6 days ago by Summer Rickman
What to Do With My Play...
6 6 days ago by Shira Schwartz
Original post by David Engel
8 7 days ago by Maria Stadtmueller
Original post by Joshua Watters
Theatre of the Absurd
2 7 days ago by William Dawson
Original post by Katrina Tashlikowich
Technical Theatre
6 11 days ago by Andrew Fisher
Original post by Kurt Young
First Day Lesson!
2 11 days ago by Patti Veconi
Original post by Megan Upton-Tyner
Twelve Angry Jurors - Cutting
10 12 days ago by Dawn Treen
Original post by Bobbi Vinson
And Then There Were None
9 12 days ago by Rebecca Reisert
Copyright Infringement 'The Greatest Showman' in the UK
7 12 days ago by Jean Klein
Original post by Michael McDonough
after school requirements for theatre classes?
5 14 days ago by Arden Thomas
Original post by Brandy Brewer
small cast play for a double bill with "Lovers" by Brian Friel
0 14 days ago by Arden Thomas
how can I get a copy of Immediate Family by Paul Oakley Stovall?
1 14 days ago by Jonathan Dorf
Original post by Arden Thomas
acting classes in a small school - might need a re-boot
6 15 days ago by Arden Thomas
Children’s Musical Teaching Diversity
1 15 days ago by Ginger Latimer
Original post by Nathan Jourdan
Modern large cast dramas
17 15 days ago by Rebecca Reisert
Original post by Nick Hoffa
To Fly or NOT to Fly?
10 15 days ago by Douglas Parks
Original post by Marla Blasko
What lighting equipment do Rental Groups bring in?
2 16 days ago by Sydney Thiessen
Peter and the Star Catcher
4 17 days ago by Laura Russo
Questions about "Appropriate Audience Behavior"
7 18 days ago by Jillian Lietzau
Original post by Susan Sterman-Jones
Little Mermaid Jr with 3rd - 5th graders
1 18 days ago by Derek Pickens
Original post by Carla Molina
New Teacher-help with Standards/Lesson Plans
4 18 days ago by Laura Russo
Original post by Kelly Heinze
Looking for a GREAT script for 4 females; length - 45 mins - 1 hour.
3 18 days ago by Marc Raia
List of large cast plays by female playwrights
3 19 days ago by Josie Tierney-Fife
Original post by Arlene Hutton
The Servant of Two Masters
7 19 days ago by Rebecca Lopkin
Original post by Christina Vincent
Various Newsie Props Available
9 19 days ago by WENDY STACY
Original post by Rachel Sparks
Rehearsal for competition
2 20 days ago by Josh Ruben
Original post by Robert Forbes
Mamma Mia costumes
1 21 days ago by Michael Detroit
Original post by John Rutherford
teaching dance movement
2 23 days ago by Nancy Bernhard
Original post by Janet Rhoads
Horse heads and tales for Cinderella
8 23 days ago by Shira Schwartz
Original post by Melinda Carlson
Beauty and the Beast props
2 23 days ago by Carol Macy